The Journey of #DoWhatYouLove by Wioleta Burdzy Seth

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Wioleta is an entrepreneur, trainer and life coach from Poland. She is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Human Circle. She delivers personal growth, leadership and skill development workshops and coaching to a diverse set of audience. Previously she was a specialist in human resource areas like training, recruitment and learning and development. She has worked in several multi-national companies like Statoil

Wioleta considers herself as a life long learner and explorer. She loves travelling and has been to more than 25 countries. After studying and working in  several countries like Greece, Poland, Belgium, Great Britain and India, she is currently based in India and pursuing her mission to create an impact on the young generation. She is passionate about raising the self-awareness of individuals to follow their passion.

Here’s a snippet where Wioleta happily answered some of the questions we asked her.

Q1. What was the idea and motivation that drove you to shift from Poland to India?
Ans. I did not come to India directly from Poland, it was a journey. I was looking for a more meaningful lifestyle. 9-5 job, companies targets, pay cheques each month were not giving me this kind of satisfaction.  It was clear for me that if I want to get different results I need to do things in a different way.  One day I made a decision “I am ready to explore other options” and I moved to Greece.  From one decision to another, from one project to another, life brought me currently to India.

Q2. For many people there are certain moments when they decide that they want to do a particular thing in their lives. People don’t usually think of creating an impact on the young generation. When was it that you decided to pursue the mission to create an impact on the young generation?
Ans. When I started questioning the worth of my life, the reason I am here and what legacy I would like to leave behind, I came to realize that there are so many things I am passionate about. One of the things is that, I would love to see more fulfilled and happy people around me. For it to happen, I need to contribute with my own work. Therefore, I started with young people who have most of their life ahead, and important decisions to be made. I wish they make the best decisions based on their best knowledge and self awareness.


Q3. In what way do you think #DoWhatYouLove Movement helps to bring a change in someone’s life?
Ans. The strength of the movement lies within the people of a community. Our life choices are determined in a big way by the circumstances, and circumstances are made by people who are involved in them. If you decide to spend more time with the right kind of people that would create favourable circumstances and more opportunities, inspirations.

Eg. If you spend most of your time with people who only complain, who are scared to fail, worry about other people’s opinions – such people will always find a way to pull you down, to prove you that you won’t make it big. They are able to teach you only what they know – how to complain and be mediocre and vulnerable to others opinions.

The #DoWhatYouLove Movement:

  • Helps to connect with like minded people who want more from life, who want to create something bigger than themselves. Support and motivating system.
  • Helps to connect with people who “have been there, have done that” so that they could be a relevant source of guidance and advice.
  • Helps to ask better, bigger questions about our life and purpose
  • Helps to shift focus from “What should I do” to “What do I choose to do”


Q4.  How has your experience been being associated with the #DoWhatYouLove Movement?
Ans. In India I am mainly surrounded by young people and entrepreneurs.

  • Joy of being connected with so many fabulous people who are driven by their passion. Grow together as we get more experience and explore new possibilities. Spreading seeds of curiosity and striving for excellence. Seeing others reaching heights motivates me to work more.
  • I have also realized that DWYL is not for everyone. There are people who value stability, predictability, and that is all perfectly fine for them. Everyone has his/her own journey and free will to decide what is the best for his/her.

Q5. What inspires you to be a part of #DoWhatYouLove?
Ans. People. It makes me extremely happy and grateful to see how the movement is growing. So many people want to create impact and are willing to support one another to get closer to their mission.

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