“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.”
-John Taylor Gatto

Education is basically meant to make an individual ready to live successfully in the corporate world. Technologies were made by humans with a thought to ease the lifestyle, but unfortunately it surpassed its creator, making them their slave. Today, humans are arrested under their creation and as the tradition follows, the pressure is always on the next generation.

A child is the ‘lab rat’ for his parents, his teachers and elder siblings (if any). The dreams that remain unfulfilled by the elders are forced onto the young one’s! The pressure they are imposed to, kill their unique creative minds. Right from the age of three they are taught to stand straight, learn alphabets, stop dreaming and focus on printed books. By giving them pen in 5th, they are taught not to make mistakes. The 8 am to 2 pm schooling becomes a part of their life. They are taught but not educated.

A fear is choked into them to score the highest to get admitted to the top most colleges. When they fail to do so, they give up on life or worse, give up on living happily! Competitions are meant to be healthy, but now they have become a business. The best evidence for this is the cut off system of Delhi University, as known to everybody that is 97 %. Everyone is uniquely talented: a thing every human has forgotten I suppose. DU is just one example of this educational disaster. There are thousands unnoticed.


If we really want to emphasize on equality, this system has to be changed. If we really want to bring out the best in students, give them equal rights! Maybe, a bright student couldn’t make up well in his boards, his dream might be to study from such university! But he’s rejected just because he could not reach the cut off! That’s unfair!

I, being an average student, never dreamt of such high institutions. But I do know people who get depressed as they couldn’t study in the college they wished for and so opted for another course or another college knowing they have to live a life full of adjustments! Hence, taking out the “free will” from their life!

Almost every foreign country has a system of considering their public at first position whatever comes. I do appreciate that. Similarly, if DU gives some allotted seats to the students from delhi would be no wrong. But the rest of the seats should be given to the deserving! I vote for the common entrance test system which gives equal opportunity for everyone.

Even if DU takes a public vote on their cut-off system, I am pretty much sure they’re going to get disappointed. Consider it as a request or an apprehension, kindly change such system. Give life to our education system and I assure we’ll get more number of Einstein’s and Obama’s!

Just give some time and think- Do we want to preserve the age old system of Cut – Offs or do we really want to give a chance to the students who actually deserve?



Contributed By: Justina Jose


Everyone says Do what you love. I say try something arduous. Fulfilling your dreams gives you pleasure, but doing that along with actualizing the dreams of the people who created you, brings you heaven on earth. Pursuing M.Sc. in Biotechnology (My parents dream) along with writing (My dream), and constantly trying to improve my skills, I wish to soar higher. I love learning new things. A great lover of sleep. Always chooses to travel through the road not taken and explore the unturned stones. Loves to dance. An amateur writer and blogger. An ambivert by nature, strongly believes in peace and happiness.


  1. The reservation quota shall be removed first of all, just saw the cutoff pdf of 2016 in all fields, clearly the SC/ST, OBC, PwD guys are getting reservation quota advantage with less cut-off, that means a double advantage, so the point that Justina has made here is very good about the CET (Commom Entrance Test) system and along with that, the reservation quotas shall be removed completely so that the rightful STUDENT gets admission.

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