The job you seek isn’t out there in some job description, it’s already inside you, aching to get out.
-John Tarnoff

It’s the time of the year when students are bombarded with questions! A 10th pass is asked about the field he wants to choose. Infact, he’s pestered with the myth of science being the best, commerce secondary and arts; the field for the lazy bums! Their talent remains unseen in front of their grades. A graduate is plagued with questions about employment, one with employment faces family and one with family about their future. And the cycle goes on!

People generally interchange the terms ‘Competition’ and ‘Comparison’. In the race of competing with a child’s colleague, parents start comparing their child’s calibre with a totally different child! Which is totally preposterous! There are parents who understand the freedom of choice and allow their children to make their own path. But, speaking about our country, India, majority of the population still needs to accept the raw truth that there are careers other than engineering, doctorate and few others to name!

To be honest, this is just a tip of an iceberg. There are thousands of stones to be turned around. This may sound too liturgical, but it is a fact; we have only one life, then why not live it happily instead of living a life full of regrets? There may be situations where you badly need to support your family, you wanna earn money apace, you cannot oppose your elders decision and many more, but, it depends on you what you wanna choose! Whatever it might be, if you regret, drop it, if you can’t, stop complaining about it!

I am one of the victim who couldn’t choose their career or maybe could not oppose anyone to do what I love and I did complain about it. A lot! But then, my choice was to do my best wherever I am, and I think I am pretty much doing that. And about my passion, I am doing that as well. What I believe is, if it is really your passion, you’ll do that, by hook or by crook.

It’s high time, people should accept the term called “Joice” otherwise known as a Juicy Choice. It is a choice in which no matter what you choose, the outcome will be juicy and enjoyable. This is the time, you really need to listen to everybody, but do what is good to your mind, soul and body!

The choice of your career may be a one day game, but if you don’t choose it wisely that’s enough to pull all your veins!

Contributed By: Justina Jose


Everyone says Do what you love. I say try something arduous. Fulfilling your dreams gives you pleasure, but doing that along with actualizing the dreams of the people who created you, brings you heaven on earth. Pursuing M.Sc. in Biotechnology (My parents dream) along with writing (My dream), and constantly trying to improve my skills, I wish to soar higher. I love learning new things. A great lover of sleep. Always chooses to travel through the road not taken and explore the unturned stones. Loves to dance. An amateur writer and blogger. An ambivert by nature, strongly believes in peace and happiness.