Bring responsible travel choices in your schedule

Moving out from her parents apartment at 17, Tanisha rented an apartment in Waliv, Vasai, and sustained herself through a meagre income derived by training the children in the slums in spoken english.


Many people accused Tanisha of giving up on studies and moving out of her house only to avoid mundane college life. But Tanisha never got deterred from her path. She was curious to travel and with a hunger for discovering new territories, Tanisha took the journey of her lifetime to visit the temple of the Menstruating Goddess Kamakhya, lived among the Nagas and found herself in the Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya.

She took up her studies in sociology and found herself dejected when a professor suggested that she should stick to studying from her textbooks and staying within the four walls of the classroom.

When her college routine took a toll, she altered her routine and discovered India, one destination at a time. The first solo trip she took was to Bengal and she shared her travel experiences through her blog. Bringing responsible travel into her choices helped her benefit local communities. There were many who called her names and without support from family, Tanisha kept going. Wishing 2 months of her travel, her travel articles featured in a popular travel startup. She found her success through her persistence and constant efforts.

She concludes saying :

We live in a society where following your passion is underrated, the best reward you can give yourself is doing what you love.

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