#DoWhatYouLove by Ramneek Kalra

Hello Friends, Today I am going to convey some important aspects of this planet, how we wake up in the morning, go to work and then return to home, do some home work and eat and then at last sleep. All this process goes on and on daily and we aren’t achieving nothing whether we are in any field like Accountant, Shopkeeper, Software Engineer, etc. posts that we are observing today.

Here, In today’s article, I am gonna point out something that we can achieve from going beyond this cycle of work, eat and sleep (which is commonly known as RAT RACE). Obviously, we are familiar with this race and are dealing with day to night daily. But, are we right in doing so? I am not pointing to someone who is reading this and is in this race. But want to self-analyze that is that you do for your living is What you love to do?

Obviously, many people will come up with their own answers, like Yes, We are loving what we do. But, next shoot question is that Is this right for whole your life? Of course, there will be a equilibrium point where graph will coincide the loving aspect regarding this work. But, what will be are next important enjoying move regarding this race lifestyle? I am taking you to think to that point where work will become enjoyment for you to do and no pressure and tension of money won’t be there.

Let’s get Started, what I want to tell you directly by these beautiful motivational quote what Steve Jobs tends to say:

Because the people who are crazy enough to think, that they can change the world, are the ones who do —- Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc.)

1. #DoWhatYouLove: Yes, what drives me the most, is Do What you love since application of these four words to your life will greatly impact your life in the way you are in trapped in this rat race. Great people like Mark Zuckerberg, APJ Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Larry Page etc and the list goes on and on.
These personalities are really an ideal picture what the heading title tells us to do. Mark Zuckerberg, the man who thought How this would happen if we tend to connect people of world around with a single source of portal? Then, he made Facebook (World’s most used Social Media).
In an interview, he was asked that how much hours you devote to your work? He very clearly stated that “work is not what you think as work, I am mostly under the devotion of my work whenever I am at home or doing something at office. I am always in thinking that how much better from existing we can connect the people.” The answer clearly reflects us that the essence of work really keeps him working as a enjoyment that what we tend to achieve.

2. #LoveToFail: The second and most important factor to succeed in #DoWhatYouLove is accepting failure at successful rate. Tend to achieve the goal without the fear of failure. Taking example of ISRO Scientists, when the MARS Planet mission was there to launch, many difficulties were faced by them and failure in some parts of equipment, but due to no fear of fail and proper hard working team members, they all succeed in the launching of MARS Mission and whole world celebrated the essence of beauty of success with the flavor of failure that was destroyed completely and secured themselves with completion of mission. That what one has to understand, that failures are the part of a successful mission (path) on which you are walking on. Don’t be afraid of failing since balancing of two opposite thing make one whole thing as to complete it.

3. #NothingIsImpossible: Very Truly, Nothing is impossible for willing heart. Don’t listen the people around you who stamped your head with the thought You Can’t do it, It’s very difficult for you to achieve, You don’t have a practical solution to problem, You don’t have skills to achieve it.
My Friends, go and smash their questions by saying to these people by a single word #Why. Then, the most interesting part comes when they are going to supply you fake excuses and then ask them these questions Because you can’t do it so I won’t, Because you failed in your try so it’s difficult for me, You don’t have a solution so mine solution is impractical, you can’t achieve these skills so you have a fear that what will happen if I will achieve these and got to be first to take this goal first. Guys, these people are really having fear that if they can’t achieve the goal, so anyone in this world won’t achieve it.
I have many people around me like these and they keep saying me that Ramneek, you can’t do it because you don’t have skills and ideas. And, I am in my inner self is so strong that I will do it definitely and will take the award from their hands itself. And, the feeling is so amazing that the expression can’t be conveyed using words.
So, go on guys and get the fire in you so that no one is tending to stop you from any hard hurdle. There’s a solution to every problem and remember Impossible is not a word in this world, only possible counts everywhere.

All the best for your choices in life and for your future projects, go and make the meter high as possible.


Author: Ramneek Kalra (YIC Alumni)

Image may contain: 1 person, standingHe is currently pursuing Bachelor Degree under Computer Science and Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, New Delhi.
His interests lie in many things like Data Analysis, Software Development, Electronics Projects, Internet of Things, JAVA SE, Android Development and many more to count and to include.
Ramneek hobbies are only coding, coding and coding with some due of research over current latest technology.

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