DoWhatYouLove Coaching

I’m excited to let you know, that I have launched my life coaching website! It took 6 months of preparations, and months or even years of finding the right space and the right time to do so.

So here it is! Presenting to you…

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.51.02 PM.png

It is a new child of Human Circle after Young India Challenge.

Designing a website for Human Circle and Young India Challenge was much easier than for me than my life coaching website. I guess it is because of doses of vulnerability that it takes to put oneself on a spotlight. It feels scary and exciting at the same time.

And btw, if you know anyone who would like to find more happiness, contentment and a sense of contribution at this point of life, I am happy to help. Feel free to share this post or link to my website.

I would like to thank those who helped me in making it happen:
Webcontxt team and Gautam for designing and technical help. Thanks to you the website is working and it looks so amazing.
WebNamaste and Radhakrishnan for your constant support whenever I felt lost. Friends like you are gold.
Seema for tips and inspirations, and being there for me.
– To Dhruv, Divyansh, Madhav, Ruchika, Sakshi, Vanshi, Tushar, Komal, Nikhil, Mahadevan, Diana, Sapna, Ishani, Prateek, Deepali, Bhavya, Pankhuri, who were willing to share their endorsement, feedbacks and tips. I do appreciate every single one of it. You are my motivation to do what I do. I am proud of you to see how amazing things you are doing in your life.
Kamal – simply for everything! That you are in my life and that you are ALWAYS my biggest fan. And the amazing pictures you took of me that I could use for this website.

If all these years you were seeing my pictures from workshops, travels, and wondering, “What does she do in her life”? The answer is:

Finding my own way of life, creating a lifestyle around it, testing what works and what does not and sharing it with others through coaching sessions, workshops, and events.

Is this website a final version? I don’t think so and I hope not. It is better to launch when its not perfect to leave some space for improvement. Feel free to let me know what you think about it and what else would you like to see there.

With love,
Wioleta Burdzy Seth
Life Coach & Co-founder Human Circle