I’d be the happiest if my act of kindness inspires even one person to donate

hair donation

The scissors snip together slowly making that unmistakable crunching sound and 08 inches of hair that I spent years growing are now gone. 

But the strands didn’t just fall to the ground to get swept up and thrown away. 

Instead, my hair went to ‘Strands of strength’, an organization that distributes free wigs to cancer patients. The wigs offered by them disguise hair loss, decrease feelings of vulnerability and provide greater self-esteem. 

You’re sending a piece of yourself to a child or adult who has a disease that’s caused them to lose their hair.

It seems to be a small thing to do but it creates in big difference for the people who are in that mess. It’s a ray of hope for them.

When I was battling hypothyroidism, there was immense hair fall that made me depressed each day. Once day I thought how do patients who lose their hair survive and made me realise that I should be rather thankful that I have some at least. 

So I thought about a haircut but came across hair donation in the meanwhile (Much thanks to Ms. Anusha).

But as it is said, ‘One thought can change your life’, the process of hair donation made me love my hair and generated a sense of gratitude.

After final haircut I just felt accomplished. My new look brought attention and appreciation.

At least once in this life, go for it because you wouldn’t know how good it feels unless you do it. 

I’d be the happiest if my act of kindness inspires even one person to donate.

Easy steps to follow- 

  • Love your hair a little more
  • Keep them clean
  • Tell your stylist about donation
  • Get your hair sectioned into small ponytails all around your head 
  • Cut straight across right above the rubber band to keep the hair together
  • Just take these pieces, place them in a zip pouch and courier it.

Contributed by Rupali Anju Arora


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