And the Speaker Sessions Begin!!

The first speaker of the day: Nida Hasan from India

After lunch, the audience was greeted by our first speaker, Ms. Nida Hasan, Country Head of, India, a unique platform that gives voice to the people and causes whose voice is unheard and brings them to mainstream. Sharing her story about her childhood dream to become a doctor till the time she decided to become an english journalist, was surely relatable and inspiring. She then moved towards her journey at, and how it impacted her life as well as of the thousands on her platform. 

She shared about few campaigns that went viral and inspired many. For example,  #GlassHalfFull, about child sexual abuse and about Ghazipur landfills. 


After a talk ripe with wisdom of life experience and a desire to be a catalyst for social change the program matured into a Q/A session. Filled with insightful questions, Ms Nida was bombarded with queries that ranged from sustainable development to community engagement and everything that covers the wide spectrum in between. These inquisitive minds with a passion for change put up some thought provoking questions like How to amass the support of people? as well as how can one bridge the gap between offline and online world?


Ms. Nida undeterred by the questions gave a daft response to incorporate support from a grass root level through a petition on A cause within the social laws of society supported through twitter is a recipe for success, the pervasive quality of social media can be used to garner support and rally people to the right cause.Patience and perseverance will help reduce the gap and propel your cause forward.Further with a resilient voice and resolve to be the change herself, a girl named Paavini questioned about the change from media industry to social welfare and the stories that compelled Ms Nida to make this change. With a nostalgic undertone she spoke about her inability to act on issues while only having the time to cover them as a media person, from one issue to another, from one story to another and from one flight to another she didn’t have any time to reflect. Moved by the plight of children in rat hole mines of Meghalaya was just the push needed to make this change and now stands at a strength of about 10k petitions and since then this change maker hasn’t looked back.

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