The wait is over! The 10th Young India Challenge officially begins.

After 2 years of long wait, the 10th Young India Challenge is finally here. Ready to take over the weekend on 12th and 13th of October, this YIC will see 400 delegates selected from over 79 cities of India. With special dedication to #DoWhatYouLove and #YouthForSustainability, this special edition is being held at the coveted Lecture Hall Complex, IIT Delhi. 

At 7 in the morning, the complex was decorated with the YIC branding, hashtags, and photo booth. The registration desk was set, the stage was set, and so was the Happiness Team ready to roll. The doors opened, and in came our young brigade. The breakfast and ice breaking activities were waiting to welcome them. 


The ice breaking activities were the first to introduce the delegates to the friendly culture of YIC and to their co-participants. Learning about their worst and best habits, their hopes about YIC, birth dates, dance and laughter, was amazing. 

While watching the delegates give the hi-five and posing for sugar cubes, the Happiness Team sure got nostalgic. In the hall, the amazing Human Circle Founders’ couple- Kamal Seth and Wioleta Burdzy Seth, were there to welcome with warm hearts. The YIC is ready to kickstart. 

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