YIC hosts ‘Anshul Tewari ki awaaz’ from Youth Ki Awaaz

Our speakers are here and we can’t wait to hear their stories!!


The Founder of Youth Ki Awaaz, Anshul Tewari shared not just his story but also his connection  with Do What You Love since a very tender age of fourteen when he started his own blog. Later through the years he realized the power of his blog because he realized that it was actually his voice that mattered the most. He hated the fact that the people around him did not take him seriously enough and this is what fuelled his vigour of continuing the blog despite just two viewers a day which included his mother and a friend!!

The point he emphasised on during his story was the intent behind his blog. There were events and incidents happening around him that disheartened him and this inspired him to share those stories because no one else did and those stories mattered! 


As glorious as it sounds, Youth Ki Awaaz has faced a lot of challenges and still continues to do so. He started his blog with a domain for a 500 rupee gift from his brother and volunteer writers who were his friends to keep the blog going. From that point to today when YKA is a very popular media house for today’s youngsters. Yet, even today he faces challenges that he posed in front of the audience and asked if the young minds can come up with a practical solution and work in those areas with them. 

His session found some really interesting questions from the curious minds in the audience and it can safely be said that he was loved by the delegates!   

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