Day 2 Drill is on!!


Good Morning from Day 2 of the 10th Young India Challenge where ideas are ready to take flight and claim their skies!

Kamal Day 2

Teams have gathered together and are more than excited to present their ideas which they are, clearly, very confident about. Two of the very smart and focused delegates, Geetika Bhatiya from Noida and Devdeep from Calcutta briefly summarized Day 1 to the Mentors and Jury Members to let them have a taste of the intense brainstorming that happened yesterday. They clearly emphasized that today is the day of action and they can’t wait to pounce on their mentors with questions that’ll help them inch closer to their solutions. This was followed by the Clapping Ritual by Kamal to let the mentors know that this so-called ‘geeky’ community of young brains are in fact fun-loving people and they know how to strike the right work-life balance too.


The mentor introduction session was initiated by Kamal where each mentor was asked to introduce themselves and their endeavors in about 60 seconds. The audience gave an overwhelming response to the mentors who, without a doubt, enchanted the delegates with their own stories and passions. Mentor Gautam Seth from Webcontxt rightly described the energy in the room as “infectious” and stated that he came for the YIC to get infected by the energy in a positive way! The cause and intent behind YIC is such that it has forced mentors to leave their homes on an easy-going Sunday morning for the event and many of them said that this was perhaps the best way to do a Sunday! No wonder Mentors like Piyush Dhawan from UNDP India “breathe SDGs in their life”! He, a Pollution Migrant, as he calls himself, upon leaving the city life for a better future for himself and his family, shared his strive to make the world a better place by taking the SDGs to the local level with Future for Cities and the concept of Circular Economy. He, perhaps like the rest of the other mentors, is here to learn, co-create and make connections that only grow with every rise following today!


Some of our Mentors are true inspirations for our Delegates who made it from the ‘Delegate’ Tag to the ‘Mentor’ Tag in a matter of a couple of years!! Mentor Abhishek Saini from Those in Need covered that journey in just two years! Mentor Rachit Malhotra belongs to the same bandwagon who extended the DoWhatYouLOve Movement with a really important question, “Are you as enthusiastic about a Monday morning as you are for a Weekend??”


We have mentors like Sarika Panda Bhatt from Nagarro and Raahgiri Foundation who has cycled all the way from Manali to Leh to which the audience couldn’t help but erupt into a thunderous applause!  


Towards the end of the introduction session Mentor Shubra Puri from Gurgaon First asked the delegates if they are ready to become ‘Cool Fools’ since she believes that Sustainability is not just the future but fashionable and the cool thing to do and we can’t agree more with her!


Chaos time is here as the Mentors are unleased into the crowd of hungry delegates to gorge in all that they can!! Flight time is here and the teams are ready to claim their skies!

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