Speaker Sessions for the day!

A speaker session followed after the little exercise initiated by Kamal about self-analysis and tinkering the mind about how they can be an asset in their own ways!  

Kanokwan Saswattecha from GIZ Thailand shared the Journey of Sustainable Plam Oil by Thai Stakeholders. She shared a video that was focused on the farmers, their challenges with sustainable palm oil and how their lives are depended on Palm Oil production. A detailed description was given by the farmers about the practices they adopt. Kanokwan also shared the challenges faced in the implementation of sustainable palm oil practices which mainly includes unawareness about this and the reluctance to change the mentality with the farmers. She also emphasized on how data collection and accounting was a major hurdle for those farmers who did choose to adopt the change.


She also helped moderate the case study by smallholders by Ms. Sukanya from Sustainable oil palm community enterprise group and 4th generation Farmer, Mr. Watcharin Nakkaew who are making a change in their own ways, their struggles and management strategies to overcome those. 


The founder of GoalBlue, May Mei from China gave an explicit presentation about the changes she and her company is making in China and the impacts of those changes. She explained how they collect data, analyze that and identify various groups of consumers and how and where they tend to purchase various products. Social Media and Celebrities have a huge impact on people and the organization use this effectively on their target audiences to bring about awareness in the Chinese population. They also organize campaigns and festivals to encourage people to adopt sustainable practices in their lifestyles. 


The intensive session saw another speaker Benjamin Tay from PM Haze before the delegates headed for lunch. He re-energized the seated gathering by making them greet each other for the good job they are doing in their own ways! He brought to picture the exigent Haze crisis in South East Asia with a video on how Peat lands contribute to the haze and other potential contributors. The organization indulges in various campaigns, transboundary haze advocacy, Media engagement, and responsible finances that help in an effective impact. The ecological and community impact is immense and they further help in the eduction of the same.


And this concludes Part 1 of the Summit after which the delegates hit for the much-awaited lunch!


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