Are we changing OUR habits with the Changing Habitats on Earth?


The Earth is Changing, Impacts are also Changing

Glaciers are melting, Temperature is Rising,

Devastating Floods in certain Regions that remind me of childhood Days…

These Days, Do we observe more?

Or Internet Timeline is flooded with these observations

Are we changing OUR habits with the Changing Habitats on Earth?

Hello, I am Gaurab Saha, an Electrical Engineering Graduate from Assam Engineering College is about to think. I belong to a small village town, Mankachar on the banks of Brahmaputra where the corrosion is normal from some years although the inhabitants know the rise in water level is an alarm to flood in Assam. The Dams overflows recently with rising water levels in Brahmaputra and devastated the Economy and Agriculture along banks which when turned into normal facts in recent days.

It rains but with uncertainty around it. The weather changes any time and the weird patterns of temperature rising and rainy days change the time for the seasonal-plant’s growth and flowers blooming. These changes are affecting the economy and also create decline in other sectors and create an imbalance within the change in Earth and population.

Although there are many problems around along with the Climate Change that starts a change in my reactions and acts for the Earth. I started research and joined some of the awareness campaigns against Climate Change during the College days. After leaving job for the degrading dust filters and changing weather, I started to think about the actions against Climate change. Currently, I am a freelance writer, amateur painter and passionate entrepreneur and following the passion to #DoWhatIYouLove. Besides being raising awareness campaign I joined some networks for Climate Change Action and now being a part of Young India Challenge looking forward for more opportunities ahead to be the Change.

Author: Gaurab Saha (11th YIC Alum)


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