Illiteracy is an injury to the nation’s development and  a blemish on the future of our kids

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So, just like everyone, we wanted to do something for the society and since it is said that charity begins at home, we started with our initiative Project SURAKSHA – a social initiative  by me and my friends in the city of Jaipur which started with door to door collection of old clothes during Diwali where we got around 6000-7000 clothes in just 3 weeks and turned up to be our drive to teach underprivileged kids of slums who were indulged into begging.

Teaching is a service and not a transaction. And this thing motivated us to teach them. It’s been around 1.5 years of teaching them and they have come out with flying colours who have a zeal to achieve and change their lives. While teaching them , we came face to face with the ground realities of these kids which we are generally unable to see except on media like unavailability of water, sanitation etc.

This again forced us to think more and expand our horizon  of thinking resolving their issues.

The best part which keeps our spirits and  motivation high is our hard-working team. People got attracted with our vision to make a difference in the society and supported our cause in one way or the other like providing milk – bread once in a week, providing Stationary, helping us in teaching and so on. Our initiative got into a shape in which we wanted it to be when these kids were admitted into a  school where they’ll not only learn to study but will  also learn the basis of life which they have always desired for.

It is said that education is the key to success. So, we are just providing them the key to a more beautiful world where they’ll be able to achieve their dreams. Along with that, we are trying to bring some qualitative changes in their life through yoga, painting, moral values etc. We also take them on small picnics and educational trips to zoo, biological parks etc. Besides, we’re trying to help their parents as well with documentation, getting jobs etc.

And we are still trying our best to bring changes in more and more lives helping and contributing to a greater cause of building a nation where no one is uneducated.

Author: Aayushi Gupta (11th YIC Alum)


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