Story of a girl who wants to achieve whatever she dreams of! 


I have always been an optimistic child. An 18 years old, pursuing undergraduate and residing in Odisha since 2006. Painting, craft, singing, dancing, badminton runs in my blood and everyone knows me for my creativity. Being an academically excellent child since early, it wasn’t late when reality ended the fairytale and self-realization led me to carve out my path. I continued opting science under peer pressure, for my +2 which I still consider my biggest mistake, but I opted for the stream I like, in my graduation, defying the opinions of others, even my own family. Well! Past is a beautiful teacher.

Now, I am paving my way for the things I want from my life and myself. I am a stage lover and presenting myself makes me feel so amazing. I participated in Odisha Queen pageant in October,2019 and found solace in the social responsibility task of working for a cause. I found something through the task that channeled my benevolence. I like being recognized and have been in college level sports, completions and various other activities which have shaped my personality.

As a lover of art and nature, I search for a deeper meaning and purpose in whatever I do, and this is exactly what captivated me to the Young India Challenge.


I am inclined towards art and activities which create positive impact and change. So, starting small, I opened my Instagram art page (@the_gargi_gallery ) in January this year, with big dreams in my eyes and determination in my mind. I have always found peace in doing what I love, and no opportunity is better than the one which would guide me to turn it into a profession which would be impactful. Young India Challenge’s theme and agenda coincide my interests and I am looking forward to having an experience worth cherishing forever!

I have learnt “ You would never be able to escape from your heart. So, it’s better to listen what it has to say.”


Author: Gargi Mandal (11th YIC Alum)

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