Story of ‘The Free Sale Org’

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Growing up in an Indian middle-class family during the late 90s and early 2000s, especially when you’re the only child for a decade, and more importantly a good student, your fate is sealed – either you become a doctor or an engineer! Instead of #DoWhatYouLove it was more like #EitherLoveWhatYouHaveToDo or #DieTrying. So how was I to be spared?! I ended up clearing one of the most difficult entrance exams and now I’m a doctor. 


I love how they make such amazing movies in Bollywood like 3 idiots, ZNMD and YJHD and tell you these practical stuff about how it’s so important to follow your passion, be excellent in what you do, don’t settle and you’ll succeed beyond imagination. Everyone around you will absolutely enjoy watching these movies but when you try to implement these fundas in your life they’ll tell you it happens just in the movies! I did a survey in my medical school to find out the prevalence of depression, and I found that a shocking 67.3% of the medical students were depressed. 

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During my second year of medical school, I came up with the concept of The Free Sale Org – an organization that collected clothes, bedsheets and other utilities from people and put a free flea market for the poor. It served 2 purposes – the obvious being that the indigent mass got a chance to experience shopping as per their choice and the other being sustainable recycling of clothes, a dire need today. In fact last week we extended our spectrum of activity and did a cleaning activity in the neighborhood. 


I’ve always had varied interests. But the two things I absolutely love is traveling and writing about them. In the future, I want to amalgam that with my medical education to come up with something special, my #LoveWhatYouDo.


Author: Anandita Pattnaik (11th YIC Alum)

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