Ecstatic experience

“Agar kisi Cheez ko dil se chaho aur karo to poori kaynat use tumse milane ki koshish me lag jaati hai”
#DoWhatYouLove and the entire universe will try its hard to achieve what you want ”
Human circle a movement ran by group of people and who have taken a bright initiative to organise such a wonderful challenge.
“DoWhatYouLove” with an aim to connect the enlighten minds and provide them with  a direction on how to pursue the dreams they desire for .
Those 3 days were one of the best 3 days of my life which truly inspired  and motivate me to do what I love and listen to what I want .
First Day :The event take off with networking session with all the other delegates . We share our views, opinions and it really modified my vision on how I see life earlier to how I see life now. We all were given several task with an objective to know each other very well.
Second Day : it was a day full of speaker session. One by one speakers came and told us about there life story which truly  inspired  me on how to achieve what i love. We all raised many question and it really clear our doubts and it was really a healthy discussion .
Final Day: it was a day which tested our entrepreneurship skills . I was allotted a team where we team members have to show case our presentation among jury members. And lastly at the end we all  have a interactive session with a group of renowned business entrepreneurs narrating their life story and directing us on how we can achieve our goals.
Those 3 days were really impactful and Now I am really sure that if you have a determination to do what you love than you will achieve what you have loved .





-Bharat Chadha 



Living the equation

In life, there comes a point when the equation of life changes its form to being a complicated one with many variables in it and we become busy finding their values. Just like a math problem, we don’t give up till we find the solution to the equation. As a kid, life was as simple as

Happiness = Life.

As time passes, and we come to a high school, the equation has another variable,

Studies + Happiness = Life,

where Studies = grades + projects + sports + art + drama – complaints*No of teachers.

Gradually, when the era of the graduation arrives, these variables add further to being

Happiness + Girlfriends + Baap ke paise (Dad’s Money) + Studies = Life

Where Studies = ∫Pampering the professors d(Studies) +∫Surviving the semesters d(Studies) + d(assignments)/d(friends)

But after all these, when you cross the gate of the college and enter to the pseudo-virtual world, you are introduced to a totally new equation which no school or college ever taught. This brings life to a newer equation:

Life(L) = [{ ∫Responsibilities sin(ωtL) d(L)+[∑Happiness – d(stress)/dL]+∫ Money tan (ωtL)dL + d(Friends)/dL + |Family + Society | +   + …}Survival]Passion

Where Survival ≤ 1

                Passion = Real number (do what you love, love what you do)

And finally, here is what can make us successful:

Success (s) = Passion x Life

Every time you listen to motivational speakers, they talk about how to be successful, happiness, satisfaction and many more things. Sharing a success story talks about the strife faced and then finally the way they emerged as what they are. Their ‘Passion’ for their work fetched them the type of success they always thought of and their insanity to do what they love inspired them to do what they wanted.

                As the equation of life says, the more you love your work, the more are your chances of being successful; the less you do love your work, the lesser are your chances. Having a close look at it, if you end up hating your work, your passion becomes negative and hence, your life itself falls down at a faster pace.

While most of the stories point towards success, there is one thing that they lived; which is a part of the story but is rarely talked about as a particular thing. That one thing is what you can see in the equation, ‘Survival’. A failure in life determined by the attitude one carries within his will. Your ability to be strong at the weakest point of your life defines the point at which you will stand at the end. Once you conceive the ability to survive and survive the moment which was made to break you, you don’t have to look back ever. That survival from the situation makes you capable to handle yourself much better with all the unexpected things you were gifted by life. Above intelligence, strength and hard work, the allocation of your resources and identifying them within you with their best management is what helps you survive.

After knowing that it is important to survive, why aren’t we taught how to survive?

We were only taught to be honest and true but everything else that we have inherited is what we chose to take from life. It is the way we dealt with the situation that has made us what we are. For every individual, the way differs and that makes a person what he is.

Finally, once you survive, you do your work with all your passion and work hard for it, finally you’re successful. Right?

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running”. – Dan Montano

Most of the heroes of life have experienced the quote. After knowing that you have achieved what you have got, it is important to realise that the journey doesn’t end, the journey has actually started. After the survival of yourself begins the survival of your success. There are many examples where people who at the pinnacle today seem nowhere in the race after a span of time. It seems fun to live your dream but it’s not easy to live it lifelong. The only way you can survive your dream is by living the right type of dream. The dream that makes you do what you love.

 ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.’ – Steve Jobs.

Once you start loving your work, you feel happy doing it. Not just doing it once, but doing it repeatedly too. The love for your work overshadows the impossibilities and negativity which makes you solution oriented with a positive breeze in your life. The strife of surviving gets converted to a journey of challenges and every challenge that you victor helps you reach a greater height.  If you are not able to fit to the ‘do what you love’ category, try to reach there somehow. If you feel that you can’t, it’s never late to ‘love what you do’. Unless you love whatever you are doing, you can never see opportunities in disguise. When you are in love with your soulmate, doesn’t the worst moment of your life pass easily when he/she is there to hold you?? That’s what works when you love your work. Do what you want, success will want you!!!

Love it, believe in it, have faith and no one can stop you conquer it.

– Aniket P pandya



Management breakthrough

On the face of it, how easy does it seem to do justice with your sport, passion to dance, organize events, pen down the thoughts, orate them well and await that last challenge of academics. Apparently this is where I mark the beginning of Management, if today personally then tomorrow definitely, in corporate sphere. Currently, I’m pursuing B.Com.Hons from KiroriMal College, DU and look forward to associating Management with the current rote learning Indian Education System, probably after having done an M.B.A. My dreams are just not mine, many share the same thoughts. But I feel proud to have taken that step at least and I’m doing what I love.

-Sheryl Grover



The transitional journey

Universe lies in the minds of those, who think beyond infinity and one need not be Einstein to standout the world but needs to listen to the heart carefully. That’s exactly what I learnt in these three days.

#DoWhatYouLove says Human Circle and makes you believe in it. The three stupendous days of Young India Challenge actually challenged my mind and questioned me, “Am I really doing what I love?”, “Do I even know what I love?” and the answers were close enough to “No”.

The session took off and we started interacting with other delegates. My strings of imperfection lured to be perfect seeing immense talent in the crowd and that’s when I found a void in me which had to be filled with something worthy. Objective of Day 1 of the conference was to interrogate ourselves with the above questions and let our mind absorb the concept of ‘#DoWhatYouLove’, followed by incredible speaker sessions on Day 2. Brilliant personalities illuminated our minds with their ‘Do What You Love’ stories. It was amazing to find that every person standing on the podium was as ordinary and confused as us. Their struggle was similar to ours but they found their passion or at least found what they did not love and they had courage to follow their heart and that makes all the difference.

The final day brought us one literal challenge which tested our various skills involved in entrepreneurship. Teams had to put their final word in front of the jury and thereby deciding the ultimate winning team. Day 3 came to the dawn with an interactive session with renowned figures narrating their journey and guiding us with our dreams.

These days were the most impactful days of my life. If these three days can make me review my decision of pursuing CA and MBA made three years ago, then it truly had something which was potential enough to bring change in the society. Thank you Human Circle for happening in my life!

– Ishani palandurkar



An artist in making-premium crafting

I am a paper crafter and a graphic designer, and photography is my hobby. Paper crafting has evolved from being my hobby to being my part-time profession. I am indulged in art & crafts since a very young age but the real work started after I completed my high school. My two dreams and ambitions of life had been to be a graphic designer and to start my craft brand label.
My only inspiration for paper crafting is Gabrielle Pollacco, one of the finest crafters I have ever seen. It wasn’t easy to actually put things to work smoothly, as managing time with college studies is very difficult and crafting needs synchronized working of your mind, heart and soul only then can you make something unique. Designing and crafting are addiction and a very important part of my life.
Over the span of 3 years I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about different techniques of paper crafting. There had been a time when I used to make all the intricate paper cutting designs by hand, not knowing the availability of portable machines. Once I got to know about them I tried and bought the basic one. But buying a machine didn’t impair my ability to work and create the things I used to, it only added to the already existing capabilities. I started expanding by taking up a ‘Paper flower and greeting card making workshop’ and got a very good response. People got to know about my work and I started getting orders, and the link kept on increasing. Finally came the creation of my website which I completely did on my own in the name of Premium Crafting ( http://www.premiumcrafting.com ) . I held a stall, as part of my Department fest, at my college for selling the handmade products I made and again, the response was amazing. The best part of my line is the appreciation I gain. More than money, the worth is of appreciation. All I want is to keep growing, create with happiness and give happiness.
My ambition to be a graphic designer is what I am accomplishing presently. Not getting admission into a designing college was a disappointment but I never lost hope. I am doing Diploma in Design along with my graduation in History Honors, and now soon would be doing my M.A. in Design. Then I will be one step closer to my aspiration.
All I want is to be known for my work, I want people to know the hard work put in behind anything I create. Something that makes every handmade product very different from readymade is that it takes lot of time and imagination to get an output that is appealing with a personal touch. We have a very short life, never knowing when it ends, so if you feel like doing something you should just do it, because it is better to try to achieve than to waste time in regretting later. The best experience in life is to earn followers, not to ask people to follow you.
“You need to shine so bright, that things on their own turn right.”

– Diljeet Kaur



Fracturing fetters

The world is full of stereotypes. My biggest passion is to stand out in such a scenario. In my family, the average age of marriage is 24 or 25 and there is an age long custom of girls being housewives after arranged marriage.
My main focus as of now is to break the shackles of these concepts in my family and I’m extremely lucky to have a lovely and supportive mother.

Currently, I’m a proud B.Com Honors student at SRCC and I’m never going to let that go waste. It is something I have achieved through alot of hardwork and I will fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher. Thankfully, with the support and guidance of my mother and teachers, I will pursue my masters after college and establish myself as a teacher.

I want to bring a change in this society. And as Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “Be the change you want to see in the World”, I’ll begin with my own family. I believe that there is no profession like teaching, teaching is the profession that creates all the other professions. I will work to develop brilliant, unbiased and growth oriented minds.

Also, I will not succumb to being a housewife and be the first girl to have a love marriage in my family :D!
Along side, fulfilling my passion of being a teacher.

Soniya Gupta



Shutterbug-ish lawyer

To a person who lives life very casually and happily, capturing it is just as enjoyable. As you must have guessed by now, my passion is photography. However, I share a keen interest in law as well. Ever since I watched Suits, I always wanted to become a lawyer. Random reason, but enough to drive me make any ends meet to be able to pursue it.

Having given the entrance exam for Law, I was pretty dicey about the results. Thankfully, IP University results were in my favour. However, the last counselling dates did stress me out a bit. Now being a proud Law student, I use my extra time to click as much as I can.

I love going to picturesque places and clicking. And ofcourse, I’m the favourite friend of many, no actually my camera is :P!. 

To give wings to my passion, I along with a fellow schoolmate created a facebook page called “Elements” to showcase my talent. Furthermore, I wish to polish this skill of mine. 

I’m willing to give all it takes to achieve these two beloved dreams of mine. Being a successful lawyer and an amazing photographer. There’s no stopping to the learning process.

Mehul Gupta



Future historian

Having always been a History fan, I had never before thought of taking it up as a career. Sounds weird? Not to me, not anymore. It made me realise that science was not my thing.

The thing that I really like about studying this subject is that it let’s me dream and imagine the world in my own manner, because here are as many histories as there are historians. When I took it up, a lot of people told me that I can take civil services and be awesome but I don’t want to be that awesome. I dream of getting my hands dirty and chiseling something out of the soil and make a story out of that object which may help others in revealing something about the people in the past.

I hate it when people say that what will you do with studying history . Just because it’s not something lucrative doesn’t make it less valuable for the people.I am so glad that my parents let me pursue whatever I wan to study.

Sometimes I also have my moments of doubt, actually I always have them these days. But I am trying to pull myself together and do something amazing. Because I really really want to do this . I don’t know what will happen in the future, but studying history really did open  up my mind to bigger and better things and now I know that I can never be satisfied in doing a desk job for the IAS.

Pooja Moitra



Breaking stereotypes

I am currently an English teacher and I am an improvisational comedian.I have done close to 80 shows all over the country.I have also written and conceptualized Bangalore’s first all female comedy show! My partner Sumukhi and I are considered as India’s top 4 comedians who have “attempted” in  engaging in this an art form.(Not like women are not funny,its all about choosing/or not choosing  to succumb, to this stereotype)

Honestly, For me there are two things that are burning an incessant need to push myself to the glorious heights of success!Who doesn’t like the taste of success!

One is my need to break the notion of “being comfortable/safe” and putting myself in spaces that challenge me.I constantly put myself in various platforms that are outside my comfortzone.it is only then, that numerous things dawn on me.I realise, what I should do and I am capable of doing.I enjoy the mystery and it makes me stronger.Try doing that with performing on stage.It could be anything. what a blessing it is to perform on stage!

Secondly, is my gender:Female

I see an accepted passivity and a victimization of my gender.I feel at times women do that to themselves .There have been so many instances where I have seen woman acting as agents of patriarchy. So ,lets deal with that before we get to our patriarchal “society”.I agree it’s easier said than done.The caste system and lack of economic platforms have tied our women down.But what do they do about such an imposition? I address this issue by talking about it in my everyday conversations and my comedy sketches,in the form of Satire.It could be as something as breaking the” silence”,we are believed to internalize as women.You don’t have to be harsh or rebel ,talk about it in your way!

This situation I encounter  everyday .It saddens me.Maybe it is this passivity that prompts me to keep working, pushing myself and dreaming of things maybe you and I were told was not possible.

My Journey has just begun and I am enjoying every bit of it!Make yours a memorable one too!

Richa K



Transformation for better

There was a time when I was the corner kid of my class. And I used to suffer from regular fits. Some glitch in the brain they said. The medicines made me exceptionally fat. I couldn’t believe myself in the mirror. They cured me.But they pretty much got me out of shape. 

I always had different ideas and weird ambition choices. There was a time when I wanted to be a wrestler. But then I realised that I should get my feet back on the ground. Science sparked my interest and I got inclined towards engineering. However, in class 10th, owing to some criteria issues I was refused to be admitted to the science stream. After much applications and debate, I was finally admitted to the class.

Having completed my schooling in Science, I didn’t score well as I was expected to. It was that moment when I realised that Science was not really my interest but an obsession. Today, I’m a proud BBA student at Surajmal, the best college in IP University. I’m happy and satisfied with what I’m doing.

In three months, I worked really hard in the gym. And today, I stand before the mirror a proud skinny guy. My family and friends can’t believe it, but to me I have found myself back again.

Truly, there is no age to realise your true passion. There is a very thin line between passion and obsession, passion does obsess you but in a good way, whereas obsession posseses you like a trap. I’m glad I made the distinction at the right time.

Shreshth Nanda