Motivated by FEAR

Karan Narang is the Assistant Manager (Marketing) at MISB Bocconi. He connected instantly with the delegates. Karan shared some of his own life experiences in order to make the delegates understand the persistence and determination they need to have while achieving their goals. Running away wont work.

“Every person is afraid of something or the other, but we should not let it come in between our way to success. Face you fears. Only that will make you brave. Don’t give up because you are afraid.” says Karan.

The biggest obstacle in everyone’s journey is fear. Let’s conquer them and achieve our goals!



Warm Regards,

Happiness Team



Being a Realist is the way to go!

Pranay Swarup, Co-Founder and CEO , Chtrbox, was on the jury panel of YIC. He also spoke briefly at the event and was very happy with the initiative taken by the Human Circle. He feels that schools and colleges today do not give students such kinds of platforms. His interests lie in knowing the youth today and how they want to turn their lives into something more meaningful. He is passionate about branding, marketing and digital media.

He believes that everything around is the output of somebody’s efficient and persistent efforts. This is what that has made us evolve from apes to homo sapiens.

What one needs to succeed is to recognize the problems and implement proper solutions.

One advice he gave to our delegates, “Your dreams should be realistic, if not, you should be able to know how to bring them to reality.”

He definitely motivated all our delegates to perform better and better!

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It’s only a matter of CHANCE!

Ameya Ambulkar, the Lead in the English Literacy Program at Leap of Word, a non-profit social enterprise, working on increasing English Literacy. He believes in thinking big and accomplishing your dreams. It is not a sin to dream big, but it is a sin to leave it just as a dream! He is a practical and passionate individual who believes in the ‘Self Feeding Cycle’.

English, being his area of expertise, connecting it with his job gave him fulfillment. Ameya on said, ” #DoWhatYouLove is a platform available to the youth to recognize a pre-existing passion and follow it”.

It’s never about simply identifying your talents, it is about struggling and fighting to grab the chance to prove yourself. Why was a beggar born in a poor family? Why did someone from a rich family was out on the roads today, begging? It is only a matter of chance! You need to analyze, how closer have you reached to solve the problem? Perseverance is the key.

Seize the opportunity, thrive to be the best! Don’t Settle!

#DoWhatYouLove #YoungIndiaChallenge



Get set and Achieve!

Aarti shares her journey from recognizing herself on the day she entered YIC as a delegate till today. #DoWhatYouLove, to her means converting her passion into profit. This is her secret mantra for success.

“You have to be the best at what you want to do. We all have our journey, nothing like the thrill of choosing your path by following your passion for it is immensely exciting.  But, there is no such thing as struggle. It is a process, in achieving what you love. Every person does her best in his domain, whose journey cannot be misjudged as her struggle. Stop procrastinating.” She is a free spirited, 22 year old independent woman, who is as excited to mentor the delegates as she was when she was a delegate herself.

She also believes in persistent efforts and self assessment. Stick to your dreams and you will find a way out to succeed.





Paradox, Humor and Change

Trijog is Mumbai’s leading mental wellness platform and has transformed several lives since inception in 2014. Anureet Sethi (Founder) and Arushi Sethi(Co-founder) shared their stories with the delegates which led to the foundation of the mental awareness platform, Trijog.

This session weighed the effects of emotional shock, baggage and acknowledgment of psychological problem that have for a long time been a stigma in our country.

What is emotional first-aid understanding? Anureet felt the need for this understanding to be inculcated in the minds of the youth and the realms of our education in an attempt to eradicate the problems of depression, suicide, peer pressure and emotional dependency.

Arushi feels  that your mind can change your whole world around you, reiterating SATORI.As important may IQ be, we need to approve and understand the need of EQ, work towards improving and changing the mindsets by spreading the right kind of awareness.
The Speaker duo of mother and daughter have with over 30+ years of experience with the guidelines of their own lives and have brought forward this important yet ignored aspect of our lives.

Make sure to realize the wider picture..  Let the vision be larger than you. You are just a mere speck of dust in this world full of twinkling stars and clouds.

Let us all bring a positive change in our lives and enjoy every moment.




Warm Regards,

Happiness Team





Be in motion! Be Creative!

It all begins with Wioleta’s favorite ‘Sharmaji’. All he does is compares his son’s marks with his neighbors’s son and believes in ‘what people say’. He also sometimes, he gives some useless ‘gyan’. Though she believes in Friendship and Family, without whom there cannot be permanent happiness but doesn’t support oppression, stagnancy and peer pressure. Agreeing completely with her were the delegates present in the house. Like minds gel well 🙂

Personal stories and accounts were divulged into with many delegates breaking their barriers, letting go of their comfort zone and finding a newfound sense of freedom.
New Hacks and experiences were narrated, new ways to help people live, feel and love better and improve on what they lack in. This session majorly focused on setting up a new mental system, breaking the blemish, painting a new canvas and diminishing being judgmental.

Wioleta emphasizes on the power of the creative mind. It is a sacred gift to any human being which needs to be nurtured, cared and pampered. This can be done by taking care of yourself and your body. Second lesson to being happy!

It’s not just about dreaming and planning on achieving, it is about what your mission statement is. Planned steps and proper implementation. Getting rid of your fears by facing them, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

Wioleta believes in ‘satori’, a state of complete consciousness and enlightenment.

So on.. we’re on a find 3 new people and break your ambition to them.


This a movement, within yourself.


Warm Regards ,

Happiness Team



Kamal Hacks Their Brains!

Kudos to the top 10%. All set to reach the top 1%!

Appreciate what you’ve got! You are the best. You’ve been chosen to be one of the best. This what Kamal Seth, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at the Human Circle feels about the delegates at YIC Mumbai. However at the same time, Kamal believes in pursuing one’s talents and be better with every passing minute is what will shower success. Happiness is not only laughing and joking but it lies in the excitement and adventures coming your way while achieving your dreams!

Kamal Seth indulged the delegates in an interactive session, knowing about every person’s point of view on dreaming big. This session started with a fun clapping session to enliven the audience. This was indeed the best moment and the delegates were surely even more excited.

How is YIC to benefit the delegates according to them? Self assessment, breaking the stigma in the Indian society about choosing careers based on their marks, dealing with hypocrisy, experiences they are looking forward to in their lives, understanding the need of socialization and overcoming their fears to a certain limit.

The session termed “Hack your Brain” enlightened the delegates about their dreams and future plans thereby announcing their goals and plans. The issues spoken about were: The gap between the graduates coming from college and their  unemployable natures. Major reasons to these were discussed namely  the rat race, the paths less traveled, the difficulties in going against the tide and everything that would help the delegates realize their potential.

As interactive the session was the delegates are slowly getting more comfortable and open about spreading and sharing the experiences and ideas not forgetting their views on life and how they’ve survived or handled them till now.

The start to  finding what they love and the path to get there has just begun, the main key to all of this being : HAPPINESS.
Warm Regards,

Happiness Team



Here we go MUMBAI!

Game on for the 7th time! YIC comes to Mumbai today and whoa! Zeal, passion, free spirit and enthusiasm overflow. Entries have already begun at RGIT and everyone is awaiting the YIC challenges to begin. With the icebreaker challenge, the delegates getting to know each other are even more excited. With tiny games about knowing each others likes, dislikes and interests, all the delegates will surely set the RGIT auditorium on fire!

Kamal Seth, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Human Circle, is the speaker for the first session of YIC Mumbai. The delegates are very well putting forward their thoughts and opinions about unemployment, passions, fears and challenges faced during startups  in a interactive session with Kamal.

#DoWhatYouLove #LetsGo

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