When you have the spark in your eyes and the fire in your belly, no challenge remains big enough to stop.

Hi, this is Rashmi Subramanian, a 22-year old Social entrepreneur. I wake up every single day with a passion to improve the quality of education in India. 

It’s not an easy task to convert your passion into your profession and picking subjects like Ancient Indian Culture at the graduate and Philosophy, Religion and Culture at the postgraduate level, when there are thousands of engineers, MBAs, CAs in this world, makes this journey unconventional and lonely. 

My journey to do something for the education landscape in this country ignited in my mind as a school going kid. I had a natural inclination and a never-ending passion for history and political science. At an early stage from Grade 6- Grade 10, the negligence of these subjects and the step-motherly treatment it received. It was hard to break the herd mentality for me. To be the only student in the class of 56 to select humanities was a tough path to choose. To declare your love for history and political science 

This actually made me realise that the negligence of these subjects and the rampant rote-learning is something that seriously needs to tackled and eliminated systematically in our country. 


I consider myself lucky to have college professors and mentors who have given their unconditional love and unlimited support to my ‘craziness ’. And learning from them gave me an idea to start an education organization that will remove boredom and dull content of social studies and replace it with creative learning keeping the historical and constitutional values intact. 

My internship stints with different NGOs and interaction with many people who work in the education domain fuelled my passion to be an entrepreneur. Somebody who wakes up every single day with zeal and enthusiasm.

When I see students question about history and political science in the classroom, I receive the motivation for my work. When I give teachers guidelines and content, equip them with knowledge, I am satisfied that I am creating change-makers. 

To work in this domain is actually similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. Hence, I realised that PAHELI would be the best name for this. And PAHELI is also an acronym for Political And Historical Engagement for Learners of India. Currently, PAHELI is working on the empowerment of teachers and students to create politically aware and historically active students who will shape the India of tomorrow. 

With PAHELI, there are so many opportunities to explore and the schools today understand the need for strengthening social studies. How can we tackle social problems in this country if we cannot teach social studies effectively? This has been the central question that I try to bring to limelight through my work in PAHELI. 

I believe it is the power of the dreams that helped me get the vision to work for my country. Whenever you face problems, convert them into solutions and you will eventually find the purpose to live an enriching life. 

Remember self-created barriers and restrictions can be toxic in your life. These convert to regret when you turn old. Do not let these come in your way! 

Live a meaningful life and leave a footprint when you die for others to take inspiration from!

Rashmi Subramanian
(YIC RGIT Mumbai 2017)


Announcement: Application for the 10th Young India Challenge is Now Open!

Do you want to follow your passion and make a career around it? Applications are now open for the 10th Young India Challenge (YIC) at Dr. Ambedkar International Center, New Delhi on 12-13 October 2019.

YIC is created and organised by Human Circle – a social enterprise dedicated to inspire, enable and connect young people to follow their passion and to contribute towards sustainable development goals.

FB Young India Challenge 10th Apply Now (2)

Steve Jobs (Co-founder, Apple Inc) once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

  • The theme of the 10th YIC is Sustainable Living and the focus is UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). It is an invite-only selection based event. Top 10% of the students and recent graduates from across the country are selected every year to attend YIC.
  • Previous Partners/Mentors/Speakers from:KPMG, GE, Boston Consulting Group, NDTV, Startup Weekend Powered by Google, Hindustan Unilever, Techstars, LoveDoctor, SHEROES, Ashoka Youth Venture, Global Action on Poverty, AIESEC, Talerang, BitGiving, Cornitos, SaveLife Foundation, Sarvam Foundation, CoWorkIn, I Impact India, DU Beat, SRCC, IIT Delhi and many more.

Young India Challenge (New Delhi) – 12-13 October 2019
Click here to apply for YIC 2019 in New Delhi
Watch Videos of Previous YICs in Delhi and Mumbai
Limited spots available!

YIC 10th UN SDGs

> Deadline for Early Bird Spots is 30th April 2019. Apply soon and avoid the last minute rush.
> Participants will be selected from across the country.
  • certificate of excellence will be provided to you as a delegate for Young India Challenge 2019, recognising you amongst the top youth across many cities and universities in India.The #DoWhatYouLove movement has spread across the country and we are looking to organise an amazing conference & a ‘YIC Awards Function’ to make it even bigger.

You could help your friends by letting them know about this opportunity!

Any student, recent graduate, young professional or entrepreneur from any city can apply. YIC is a Human Circle creation for young people to explore and follow their passion with amazing students, entrepreneurs, social change makers, artists, authors and business people. This is the best place to be if you want to create a life by your choice and not what the world tells you.
Check out the agenda, speakers, partners and all that happened during the first 9 YICs here www.youngindiachallenge.com

  • Check out the videos of what happened at Young India Challenge at IIT Delhi, SRCC here
  • Check out all the YIC updates here

Are you ready to experience two of the most exciting days of your life?! 🙂


DoWhatYouLove Coaching

I’m excited to let you know, that I have launched my life coaching website! It took 6 months of preparations, and months or even years of finding the right space and the right time to do so.

So here it is! Presenting to you…

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.51.02 PM.png

It is a new child of Human Circle after Young India Challenge.

Designing a website for Human Circle and Young India Challenge was much easier than for me than my life coaching website. I guess it is because of doses of vulnerability that it takes to put oneself on a spotlight. It feels scary and exciting at the same time.

And btw, if you know anyone who would like to find more happiness, contentment and a sense of contribution at this point of life, I am happy to help. Feel free to share this post or link to my website.

I would like to thank those who helped me in making it happen:
Webcontxt team and Gautam for designing and technical help. Thanks to you the website is working and it looks so amazing.
WebNamaste and Radhakrishnan for your constant support whenever I felt lost. Friends like you are gold.
Seema for tips and inspirations, and being there for me.
– To Dhruv, Divyansh, Madhav, Ruchika, Sakshi, Vanshi, Tushar, Komal, Nikhil, Mahadevan, Diana, Sapna, Ishani, Prateek, Deepali, Bhavya, Pankhuri, who were willing to share their endorsement, feedbacks and tips. I do appreciate every single one of it. You are my motivation to do what I do. I am proud of you to see how amazing things you are doing in your life.
Kamal – simply for everything! That you are in my life and that you are ALWAYS my biggest fan. And the amazing pictures you took of me that I could use for this website.

If all these years you were seeing my pictures from workshops, travels, and wondering, “What does she do in her life”? The answer is:

Finding my own way of life, creating a lifestyle around it, testing what works and what does not and sharing it with others through coaching sessions, workshops, and events.

Is this website a final version? I don’t think so and I hope not. It is better to launch when its not perfect to leave some space for improvement. Feel free to let me know what you think about it and what else would you like to see there.

With love,
Wioleta Burdzy Seth
Life Coach & Co-founder Human Circle


#DoWhatYouLove by Ramneek Kalra

Hello Friends, Today I am going to convey some important aspects of this planet, how we wake up in the morning, go to work and then return to home, do some home work and eat and then at last sleep. All this process goes on and on daily and we aren’t achieving nothing whether we are in any field like Accountant, Shopkeeper, Software Engineer, etc. posts that we are observing today.

Here, In today’s article, I am gonna point out something that we can achieve from going beyond this cycle of work, eat and sleep (which is commonly known as RAT RACE). Obviously, we are familiar with this race and are dealing with day to night daily. But, are we right in doing so? I am not pointing to someone who is reading this and is in this race. But want to self-analyze that is that you do for your living is What you love to do?

Obviously, many people will come up with their own answers, like Yes, We are loving what we do. But, next shoot question is that Is this right for whole your life? Of course, there will be a equilibrium point where graph will coincide the loving aspect regarding this work. But, what will be are next important enjoying move regarding this race lifestyle? I am taking you to think to that point where work will become enjoyment for you to do and no pressure and tension of money won’t be there.

Let’s get Started, what I want to tell you directly by these beautiful motivational quote what Steve Jobs tends to say:

Because the people who are crazy enough to think, that they can change the world, are the ones who do —- Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple Inc.)

1. #DoWhatYouLove: Yes, what drives me the most, is Do What you love since application of these four words to your life will greatly impact your life in the way you are in trapped in this rat race. Great people like Mark Zuckerberg, APJ Abdul Kalam, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Larry Page etc and the list goes on and on.
These personalities are really an ideal picture what the heading title tells us to do. Mark Zuckerberg, the man who thought How this would happen if we tend to connect people of world around with a single source of portal? Then, he made Facebook (World’s most used Social Media).
In an interview, he was asked that how much hours you devote to your work? He very clearly stated that “work is not what you think as work, I am mostly under the devotion of my work whenever I am at home or doing something at office. I am always in thinking that how much better from existing we can connect the people.” The answer clearly reflects us that the essence of work really keeps him working as a enjoyment that what we tend to achieve.

2. #LoveToFail: The second and most important factor to succeed in #DoWhatYouLove is accepting failure at successful rate. Tend to achieve the goal without the fear of failure. Taking example of ISRO Scientists, when the MARS Planet mission was there to launch, many difficulties were faced by them and failure in some parts of equipment, but due to no fear of fail and proper hard working team members, they all succeed in the launching of MARS Mission and whole world celebrated the essence of beauty of success with the flavor of failure that was destroyed completely and secured themselves with completion of mission. That what one has to understand, that failures are the part of a successful mission (path) on which you are walking on. Don’t be afraid of failing since balancing of two opposite thing make one whole thing as to complete it.

3. #NothingIsImpossible: Very Truly, Nothing is impossible for willing heart. Don’t listen the people around you who stamped your head with the thought You Can’t do it, It’s very difficult for you to achieve, You don’t have a practical solution to problem, You don’t have skills to achieve it.
My Friends, go and smash their questions by saying to these people by a single word #Why. Then, the most interesting part comes when they are going to supply you fake excuses and then ask them these questions Because you can’t do it so I won’t, Because you failed in your try so it’s difficult for me, You don’t have a solution so mine solution is impractical, you can’t achieve these skills so you have a fear that what will happen if I will achieve these and got to be first to take this goal first. Guys, these people are really having fear that if they can’t achieve the goal, so anyone in this world won’t achieve it.
I have many people around me like these and they keep saying me that Ramneek, you can’t do it because you don’t have skills and ideas. And, I am in my inner self is so strong that I will do it definitely and will take the award from their hands itself. And, the feeling is so amazing that the expression can’t be conveyed using words.
So, go on guys and get the fire in you so that no one is tending to stop you from any hard hurdle. There’s a solution to every problem and remember Impossible is not a word in this world, only possible counts everywhere.

All the best for your choices in life and for your future projects, go and make the meter high as possible.


Author: Ramneek Kalra (YIC Alumni)

Image may contain: 1 person, standingHe is currently pursuing Bachelor Degree under Computer Science and Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, New Delhi.
His interests lie in many things like Data Analysis, Software Development, Electronics Projects, Internet of Things, JAVA SE, Android Development and many more to count and to include.
Ramneek hobbies are only coding, coding and coding with some due of research over current latest technology.

Source: https://ramneeksite.wordpress.com/2017/12/19/dowhatyoulove/


Press Release: The Impact Edition of 9th YIC 2017 in Mumbai!

The 9th edition of Young India Challenge made an impact on young leaders’ and fuelled their drive to meet UN sustainable development goals, one idea at a time. The enthusiasm of the delegates matched that of the happiness team members. Over 250 excited delegates enjoyed the ice-breakers with the happiness team. New friendships were formed over steaming hot tea and the auditorium was bustling with conversation.

Kamal Seth, the founder of Human Circle greeted the participants and motivated them to face the challenges with vigour and intellect. The ‘Hack your Brains’ session with Kamal enabled the leaders of tomorrow to envision a career and profession for themselves and find what they truly love to do.

Wioleta Burdzy Seth, life coach and co-founder of Human Circle, elaborated on the different kinds of intelligence and assisted the delegates in acquiring a detailed understanding of each type. Further she spoke about important behavioural and emotional traits that are ideal for success.

YIC Mumbai 1

These sessions were followed by a networking lunch and the photo booth was a major attraction for delegates. After a refreshing lunch while the happiness team co-ordinated and interacted with the delegates effectively, they networked among their new found friends and prospective team members.

Mentors like Vaibhav Chhabra, founder of Makers Asylum, actor and director, Shray Rai Tiwari and model and actress, Asmita Sood shared their astounding personal and professional journeys with delegates and inspired awe in them. After three rounds of intellectual discussions and inspirational moments with the mentors, the teams were introduced to the challenge and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The day ended on a mind bending note with all the delegates racking their brains and ideating on the assigned goals. Day 2 began with team building activities and Wioleta held the discussions post that. The delegates learned the importance of working in collaboration and co-operating with each other. The Mentors – Vishal Rewari, Aarti Khetarpal, Shronit Ladhani, Maurici Rolo, Karan Shah, Sarvesh Pande, Pallavi Singh, Shveta Raina, Sayan Ghosh, Siddharth Pandey guided the delegates and answered their doubts and queries, helping them to shape their idea and bring it to life.

The presentations went on in full swing in the second half of day 2. The teams presented startup ideas, innovative campaigns and ideas for unique products and services. This was followed by the narrations from ‘ You Are the Story ‘ contest by a talented and deserving bunch of delegates. In the meanwhile, after thorough debate and discussion, the jury selected 3 out of 24 winning ideas and they were awarded for their excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.


Day 2 ended with a smile on every delegates face and the room reverberated with echoes of their carefree laughter and warm friendly conversations. With a promise to stay in touch and explore more opportunities together as a team, the 9th edition of Young India Challenge brought joy and tears of happiness to many. With memories of Mumbai, sugar cubes from YIC and a bunch of new friendships each delegate went home with a heart full of passion and a productive mind!

We cannot wait for the 10th edition of Young India Challenge! Are you ready?

A big thank you for all our partners for their amazing support!

MISB Bocconi ESADE Talerang GrowthHub DU Express DU Beat CampusVarta Campus Drift Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil – RSPO Global Action on Poverty ISA – RGIT

Contributed by:

Ekta Mourya

Happiness Team, YIC Mumbai 2017






Dance For Kindness: Spreading Kindness and Positivity

Those In Need and Life Vest Inside collaborated to bring India’s biggest kindness flash mob ‘Dance For Kindness’ in New Delhi yesterday, 12th November, 2017.


Through this event, they wanted to spread the message of Kindness, positive human interaction, global utility, teamwork, leadership, and positive self-expression in our daily grinds of a routine life. They conveyed the idea of ‘Kindness Boomerang’ – one small act of kindness can manifest for you in a different form!

Held in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place, more than 500 participants across the age groups and gender joined together to perform a Kindness Freeze-mob/Flash-mob to the same song, same dance. Imagine – this group of participants was a part of a worldwide community of more than 15,000 across 50+ countries. After the dance, the participants performed the ‘Selfie Time with Act of Kindness cards’. Every participant performed the kindness task on the card, displayed the audience the idea of spreading positivity and shared their enlightening experience.

All participants came from different parts of the community – children from different NGOS; Shades of happiness and Gavaksh, college students, school students from  Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya ,Jahangir Puri with choreographer for the whole event Vivek Rajput, people from different walks of life, all coming together to embrace the positivity and kindness in them.

After the event, participants shared their own experiences with everyone and talked about how a positive change about inculcating Kindness in our daily life is coming gradually but steadily. The crowd around was also brimmed with happiness to see an event like this happening in Delhi.

Shreya Bhatia and Abhishek Saini, Co-founders of Lending Hands Foundation (Those In Need) said:
“India may be one of the fastest growing economies in the world but there are glaring societal issues that it needs to tackle. India ranked a dismal 122 on a list of the world’s happiest countries, dropping four slots from last year (World Happiness Report, 2017). More than 50 million people suffer from depression in India (WHO, 2015) and crime rates and violence doesn’t seem to climb out of growth trajectory. The facts and figures shook us to the core and our team decided it was time to set things right.”

Tapinder Singh, a participant, said,” The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond the boundaries of our country, culture, race, and religion and we realize that we are the citizens of the world and that KINDNESS is the common thread that unites us all. The purpose of the day is to self-reflect and spread positivity and message of humanity around yourself. I am glad I was a part of such an event. These are some of the more major issues that nobody talks about. I’m glad that the Those In Need team is doing this”


Budding Author and Poet at YIC!

The 9th edition of YIC witnessed the participation of a budding author Rashmi. Her novel ‘Kamyabi ki udan abhi baki hai’ took shape over years as she continued her passion for storytelling and writing.  Talking about the protagonists and the broad outlines of her story, Rashmi has aroused our curiosity and we cannot wait to have our hands on a signed copy of her book.


Budding poet Ankit recited his poem ” A New Beginning ” with much enthusiasm. The auditorium is just a bit warmer and fuelled with energy than it was moments before.