This Moment Will Just Be Another Story Someday!

Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but believe in you too.

6th February 2015, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi University

I had this amazing opportunity of introducing Young India Challenge (YIC) to the students of LSR. At the end of my presentation, I called one of my friend, Prachi on stage. She is someone whom I trust a lot and I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t give me a false answer let it be anything. I only asked her this much, “What changes do you see in me as a person from April 2014 up till today?”

Here is what she said to the audience: “We have known each other since our days back in school. At that time, Dhruv was someone who wouldn’t speak to anybody and just be limited to his books. In the break time he would eat his lunch with one hand and complete his homework with the other and he always used to crib about what mom and dad said. Moreover, he would just confine him to himself. Coming to the transformed Dhruv, when I see him today, he has developed into a much more confident human being. He has undergone drastic changes and no doubt he won the YIC 2014. Also, now, he can go out to the masses giving YIC presentations and today he is addressing a gathering of 60+ people and that too in my college…..”

By the end of her impromptu speech, I had my mouth wide open because this wasn’t me speaking. This was my best friend speaking. And she has seen the change happening. By the way, this wasn’t scripted and I called her on the stage, out of the blues. For me, nothing could get any better and she made my day. Both professionally and personally, I was happy to achieve a stepping stone towards my end goal.

The question is how did this happen? Again, going a little back in time, I won almost all tech related inter-house and inter-school competitions that were brought into my notice but the challenge was I had stage fright and preferred to be back stage mostly. Also, I changed my school in class X and therefore it decelerated my participation. When I left school, I was a complete nerd studying day in and day out for my engineering entrances. I still remember the day when Prachi told me, “Dhruv, its high time now. You can’t be like this for ever. You have to start enjoying your life. Dude, GET A LIFE!” BUT I had this BELIEF that I can change myself into a completely different personality come what may. Then one fine evening, I came across with Mr. Kamal Seth, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Human Circle and the #DoWhatYouLove journey began and now, it is never ending.

The LSR story did not end there, the cherry on the cake was when people started sending me testimonials which was out of the world. I had given a similar kind of presentation at the launch event of YIC 2015 at my own college but I never imagined that my presentation in LSR would be a memory for life time. I would also like to mention here, that I did get stuck in between the presentation when my laptop refused to play a certain video. But I need not be a perfectionist. What matters is my growth.

In the present scenario, I am a happy person studying in Delhi Technological University. I am also interning with Human Circle since November 2014 and looking after their major technical stuff (by this I mean, you must go and check out www.youngindiachallenge.com) and also other things. I aspire to be an entrepreneur having my own software firm soon.

Last but not the least, #DoWhatYouLove has become a life skill for me over the period of time. AND, I personally believe that magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone.