Your attitude of never giving up will save you one day

I am a 17 year old girl who has been so busy her entire life . My life has been a series of serious unpredictable ups and downs probably a rollercoaster ride. Since I was in my pre school that lil Tulza had loved speaking, singing and sleeping. It was in the early years of my life when I was struck by a rare disease, that I started fading in the darkness of thought that I might never recover . But I had this one hobby of writing poems and that is when it hit me that I wanted to be a poet . The same time we had a competition in the school and I didn’t even clear the prelims . I ended up feeling depressed but I never gave up and kept on writing till I was satisfied and today is the day that I have already been in three anthologies and have been a published writer. I have always been so busy chasing the win that I barely had time to cry on my failures.
The same way, after working hard for years and participating in every local MUN , last year I was selected to attend the Asia Youth International Model United Nations in Malaysia but like I said it’s never easy for me . While my parents were packing their bags for the Malaysian trip my dad suffered a series of silent cardiac arrests and passed away. My core was crushed, I went in depression .  It had always been a dream because he himself was a big diplomacy lover and he left us too soon . But then his half lived dreams became mine and I packed my bags and left for Malaysia and made the everyone proud and not just everyone … I made him proud.
Your attitude of never giving up will save you one day. And will help you revive and rejuvenate , so just on track because nothing can stop you and you will succeed.
Tulza Kakde
Delegate, YIC IIT Delhi 2019