The world had never developed in the past century, the way it had developed in the past decade. As the minds have gone creative, new trends have popped up and gladly accepted. One such trend is of social entreprenuership. It is a unique way of making profits as well as serving, sustaining and saving the society.

Across the globe, many groups and individuals have taken the initiative in various social issues and are finding solutions in entrepreneurial way. In India, we have some famous entrepreneurs whose idea of conjoining the profits and societal developments have served just right!

Here are few amazing examples-

Ela Bhatt founded SEWA (Self Employed Women Association) in 1972, the first and the largest trade union for women which works for the betterment of unrecorded women workers.

Ms. Jeroo Billmoria, professor at TISS, who founded Childline India which is now a national level emergency helpline for children.

Bharti Airtel also makes into social entrepreneurship as it is the first telecom company to provide technology and handsets to farmers so that they can get necessary information related to crop, weather and chemicals over the phone.

One can be a social entrepreneur keeping these few points in mind-

  1. Know your cause: Be clear with what social issue you want to associate yourself and draw an outline how will you work it out.
  2. Start small: Even if your dreams are big, start small. Make contacts, accumulate fund, work with like minded people and then try and grow, gradually.
  3. Never deviate: As your work would pick up, you might get better financial results and start makig profit but remember along with an entrepreneur, you are a social activist. Don’t deviate from your mission.
  4. Combine: To support your social cause, you can start a sustainable business which can be just like any other business. You can use the profits and contacts to benefit your former business. Adopt CSR for your latter business as well.

Let the world grow with you 🙂 !



There is no age for you to realise your passion and once you do, there is certainly nothing that can stop you from achieving success. Kanupriya Awasthi is a national champion in skating. She is the first girl from Madhya Pradesh to win Gold Medal at National Level, also the first sportsperson from Skating to win Eklavya Award. The journey had never been easy for her; nevertheless, she made a difference.


“I was in 3rd standrd when I started skating, soon it became my passion and I worked harder for it. Obviously, with school it was difficult for me. I used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and come from practice at 11:30 in night; this was my daily schedule for years. Moreover, the sports complex was very far from my place and my hometown never had Skating Rink. Even players didn’t get support from the government. I used to practice on Basket Ball court which was not smooth still I managed to clinch medals.

I hardly had any amenities for pursuing this sport yet I followed it and succeeded. All this couldn’t have been possible had my family not supported me the way it did.”



To some Young India Challenge was just another conference but to many it was a life changing experience. Srishti Bhatia was one such delegate who took a daring decision with her career. She listened to nothing but her heart and that kept her going.

image1 (10)

“I enrolled for YIC just for fun, I had no clue what it is about or what are we going to do there. All I wanted was to connect with new people but I got a lot more than that from it. The three days journey was exhilarating with all the amazing speakers coming in and talking about how they got to where they are and doing what they love. It is indeed an inspiration and the aura of YIC with the pepped up Happiness Team just adds to the good parts.

What I didn’t know was that how clearly I would be able to picture myself and my direction after attending these sessions. I was in my third year of graduation and like most people wanted to clear my MBA entrances with flying colors and get through the best institutes, unfortunately I didn’t make it. So instead I chose to pursue a market research course for the upcoming year (2015-16) and gain some experience later. I was so unsure of what I was about to do because I couldn’t look beyond the mundane, the only reason I enrolled into this course was because somewhere I could really relate myself to the field but my brain was still not in sync with my heart’s calling.

Obviously, YIC made me a 100 percent sure of what I am doing is right and I became a lot more confident about my decision then. The best part about this was that I never knew that this would be my take away from YIC and it made me happy to no limits. We often don’t realize but if we actually listen to that voice inside of us, everything starts falling in place automatically, it could take a while but eventually it does.

Keep faith and Do What You Love.

Thanks YIC!”



  1. Rural studies
    If you have love for Indian villages and related aspects of rural life, you can go for the Bachelor and Masters degree in this course. One can get job offers in Government and private organisations. Many NGOs are willing to hire people from such background as their knowledge help the overall development of villages.

        How to pursue:
Many colleges in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan offer Diploma and Degree this course.

  1. Puppetry
    Even in this age of technology, this form of entertainmet has not failed. People can get trained in puppetry and with proper knowledge can make money out of this at a larger scale.

        How to pursue:

Mumbai University offers Certificate courses in Puppetry and Calcutta Puppetry Theatre provides proper practical and         theory knowledge of this subject.

  1. Gerontology
    This course helps you understand the different aspect of aging. Clinical, psychological and social changes can be studied in detail under this course. One can make his or her career in couselling, as a volunteer in NGOs, healthcare agencies, etc.
    How to pursue:
    Top colleges like TISS, Institute fo Home Economics, Ramnarain Ruia College, Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology offer variety of courses in this field.


  1. Museology
    It is the study of museums and their importance in any culture. If you have interest in history and archeology, then this is the course for you. The course is an amazing learning experience as you get to know about past, the mysterious stories and their impact in present society.

        How to pursue:
University of Calcutta and National Museum Institute of History of Arts, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi, offer         courses in this field.

  1. Public policy
    This one is for the ones who have the passion to bring a change through proper planning and policy making. Not only this offers a good job in government sector, it is also of great importance to any state.
    How to pursue:
    Many managemnt institutes like ISB, MDI-Gurgaon along with TISS, etc. offer courses in this field.


  1. Ancient Indian culture and Archeology
    The course is similar to Museology but has wider scope since it is not limited to museums. It involves greater research work, vast history to study and analyse.
    How to pursue:
    University of Mumbai, Karnataka, Christ University, Archeology Survey Of India, and other many universities offer variety of courses in this stream.


  1. Exercise and sport science
    For the love of fitness and exercise, the course solves the double purpose. You get to stay fit and learn various other things regarding health and fitness. Gym is not the only career option but you can be a fitness counselor, trainer, dietitian and physiotherapist in many fields.
    How to pursue:
    B.R. Ambedkar University offers Diploma courses in Preventive and Promotive Healthcare. Also, many other colleges across India offer similar courses.
  1. Handicraft
    If you find yourself attracted to different types of fabric with different prints and embroideries, courses in this field are for you. You will know more about different cultures and art work done by people. Since handicraft is a vast field, you can get Diploma and Degree courses in variety of handicraft courses.
    How to pursue:
    Yashwant Rao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, IGNOU, NID, Indian Institute of Crafts and Designs are such institutes which offer variety of courses in this field.


  1. Radio jockey
    This is one of the trending jobs in India. A person with good communication skills, wittiness and confidence can easily try hands in this field. Number of FMs have increased in the past decade and is a promising career in the field of media and communications.

       How to pursue:
R. K. Films and Media Academy, Delhi, University of Mumbai and many colleges in Pune and Delhi offer certificate              and Diploma courses in RJ.





In this life, sometimes we can’t find anything to do and sometimes we have so many things, that it is difficult to make a choice. Bhanvi Satija, a student, has passion for many things and has found ways and means to keep pace with all of them.

“While growing up, we have all been told similar versions of – You should have an aim in life. The ultimate one. However, this funda has never worked for me and I doubt it ever will. So while everyone, including Bollywood characters, around me asked me to find that ONE thing that would keep me focused, I decided to find many. Yes, that’s right – I am a woman with many loves. I am passionate about writing and travelling and at the same time I love to dance and bake. My interests are poles apart mostly, but I still manage to grab every opportunity to explore each one of them – in some way or the other. For me, the most important takeaway from YIC 2015 was that no dream is impossible – and thus, if I have many, I must know that I can fulfil them all! Currently, I am studying Journalism at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi – this helps me train myself as writer, and satiates my hunger for reading about anything and everything. Meanwhile, I actively participate in dance workshops and bakery workshops around the house, in college, etc wherever and whenever possible. Plus, I have earned the title of my family’s official choreographer and pastry chef! In a few years from now, I want to know and do enough in order to be known as a feminist.”

Check out her amazing work : http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/author/bhanvi_satija/



“We’re stuck, and if we don’t move now, we’ll be stuck forever”

image1 (9)
“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do” ~ Steve Jobs –

I became a part of Young India Challenge’14 without knowing much about it, and talking about anything else, but the movement itself, would be less respectful,
So, I decide to write purely on the basis of a “push”, similarly like the movement, which specifically initiates the development of a mind-frame of the strong. Strong not only in one aspect, but as a whole.

“I’ve no Idea. People who boost about their I.Q are losers” – Stephen Hawkins, when asked about his I.Q.
The movement was never restricted, never bound, it was free, for those who want to be a part of it, it is not just attending the 3 days at Young India Challenge, it has no age restrictions, not even education bound.

When we launched the “Mangalyan” in half the cost than United States,
or even when “Kolaveri Di” went viral on YouTube.

It’s not because a bunch of people wanted to go around things and work for money,
Those exceptionally beautiful things happen when you have the passion to do things.
And similarly Kamal Seth and Apporv Bamba, came into the picture, by initiating, YoungIndiaChallenge.

The three days weren’t just about people coming and talking, about how their place came into being in the “change” but rather in a more interactive manner, with the speakers as well as the delegates in themselves.

The whole idea of the movement is not competing; it’s about innovating and bringing about a change in oneself, and in the society.
Steve Job’s pretty much summed it up for me,

“Pretty much, Apple and Dell are the only ones in this industry making money. They make it by being Wal-Mart. We make it by innovation”

Our mind, runs, and grabs, and falls,
We want to be everything now, and in an instance nothing at all
but we must remember, every great thing comes with a price, a sacrifice
How I define sacrifice, is “Practice”.

You can’t do something?
Do it again.

Working as a Happiness team member, both In YIC’14 and YIC’15, was not actually working at all,
I never felt a wee bit of work, when everybody works in the same direction, it makes it simple.

At the end of both the YIC’s I’ve had Delegates approaching me expressing their part of the story, and telling me that the experience has really stirred the energy in them again.
Two of the most successful people in their fields, and what they say.

“The older I get, the more I see how much motivations matter. The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way we do. We won because we personally love music.”

― Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs

“What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” ~ Bob Dylan

See? That’s where the magic happens.

I’ve used a lot of quotations, because I believe less the words the strong they are, and if the maestros already wrote so much about it, why not use it.

Take risks, think about it, do things that matter, we know it’s not easy, that is why it’s worth doing.


“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

~Vaibhav Naik


This Moment Will Just Be Another Story Someday!

Believe in yourself so strongly that the world can’t help but believe in you too.

6th February 2015, Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi University

I had this amazing opportunity of introducing Young India Challenge (YIC) to the students of LSR. At the end of my presentation, I called one of my friend, Prachi on stage. She is someone whom I trust a lot and I was pretty sure that she wouldn’t give me a false answer let it be anything. I only asked her this much, “What changes do you see in me as a person from April 2014 up till today?”

Here is what she said to the audience: “We have known each other since our days back in school. At that time, Dhruv was someone who wouldn’t speak to anybody and just be limited to his books. In the break time he would eat his lunch with one hand and complete his homework with the other and he always used to crib about what mom and dad said. Moreover, he would just confine him to himself. Coming to the transformed Dhruv, when I see him today, he has developed into a much more confident human being. He has undergone drastic changes and no doubt he won the YIC 2014. Also, now, he can go out to the masses giving YIC presentations and today he is addressing a gathering of 60+ people and that too in my college…..”

By the end of her impromptu speech, I had my mouth wide open because this wasn’t me speaking. This was my best friend speaking. And she has seen the change happening. By the way, this wasn’t scripted and I called her on the stage, out of the blues. For me, nothing could get any better and she made my day. Both professionally and personally, I was happy to achieve a stepping stone towards my end goal.

The question is how did this happen? Again, going a little back in time, I won almost all tech related inter-house and inter-school competitions that were brought into my notice but the challenge was I had stage fright and preferred to be back stage mostly. Also, I changed my school in class X and therefore it decelerated my participation. When I left school, I was a complete nerd studying day in and day out for my engineering entrances. I still remember the day when Prachi told me, “Dhruv, its high time now. You can’t be like this for ever. You have to start enjoying your life. Dude, GET A LIFE!” BUT I had this BELIEF that I can change myself into a completely different personality come what may. Then one fine evening, I came across with Mr. Kamal Seth, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Human Circle and the #DoWhatYouLove journey began and now, it is never ending.

The LSR story did not end there, the cherry on the cake was when people started sending me testimonials which was out of the world. I had given a similar kind of presentation at the launch event of YIC 2015 at my own college but I never imagined that my presentation in LSR would be a memory for life time. I would also like to mention here, that I did get stuck in between the presentation when my laptop refused to play a certain video. But I need not be a perfectionist. What matters is my growth.

In the present scenario, I am a happy person studying in Delhi Technological University. I am also interning with Human Circle since November 2014 and looking after their major technical stuff (by this I mean, you must go and check out www.youngindiachallenge.com) and also other things. I aspire to be an entrepreneur having my own software firm soon.

Last but not the least, #DoWhatYouLove has become a life skill for me over the period of time. AND, I personally believe that magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone.






No matter whether your city brings you exposure or not but when your passion is strong towards something, you make it happen anyway. Such is the story of Radhika Chaturvedi who gave up law to make her career in fashion industry. The now student of National institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai is pursuing Knitwear Designing but she couldn’t get it in first place. Under pressure, she went to Symbiosis, Pune and studied law but it took her one entire year to find courage and convince her parents to drift from the default line and design one for herself.

image1 (8)

“My story isn’t that complicated but people in Bhopal don’t do it usually. Convincing my parents was a tough task. I took the decision because if I see myself 5 years down the line, I shouldn’t regret about something that is related to my carreer. Law was never my thing and I had that fascination for self designed or self stitched clothes that I can wear and be happy about.”



Sport is not usually considered every one’s cup of tea in India. And convincing family and keeping up with the marks is not an easy symphony to play.

image1 (7)

Abhidha Pandit had been an unbeatable District Champion in Badminton for more than 3 years and had grabbed many state level medals in team events. This IT student from VIT Vellore had to give up her dream of Badminton during +2 but as it is said, passion never dies and so it never died for her. In her very first semester, she was back in action with Badminton and now she represents her college at National tournaments. She has regained her contentment and happiness. Now that’s what happens when you do what you love.

“It was usual for students to give up their hobbies in their +2, moreover you don’t have time once you are enrolled in 5 hour IIT-JEE coaching. Leaving badminton and not going for practice made me really frustrated. I couldn’t score well during my school time nor could I clear entrances to ‘prestigious’ colleges. Somehow I got into VIT but that was when I decided that I should resume something which I shouldn’t have stopped in the first place. I now go for inter college tournaments, attend all my classes and get a deccent score. People ask me how I do that but secret to my happiness and better perfomance is badminton. I would never ever leave it again. It is my first love!”



An aspiring DU student discovers new means of learning for school students of his hometown Kullu. Spirit of Learning, as they call it, is the outcome of five innovative friends.

image1 (6)

“Last summer I came back to my home town to spend college vacations. My Delhi friends were doing internships over there and i tried enough but could not find a good one. I wanted to do something constructive as well, so I and four of my friends got together one day and thought of conducting seminars for students of class 9,10,11 and 12. One of us suggested creating a competition around it and we agreed on quiz.

Impressed by our idea, we got support from an NGO and the District Administration, making us official. We then worked upon the outline of the idea. We share our experiences of facing the world after class 10 – how to choose the streams of study, how to pursue our interests, how to develop skills and the problems we faced. We brought senior students from varied fields like defence and fashion technology, etc and they held better seminars with students about their fields.  This was highly appreciated by the students, teachers and the Deputy Commissioner, who was the Chief Guest for the competiton.

Throughout the year we take queries on our Facebook page by students. We have solved more than 1000 queries on career and awareness till now. We also have offline counselling sessions for students at their schools itself, which we are expanding upon.”

See their amazing work : http://www.facebook.com/solspiritoflearning?__mref=message_bubble