Announcement – YIC 2017 (Mumbai) Application is now open! #DoWhatYouLove

Announcement – You can apply now for the 9th Young India Challenge (YIC) 2017 #DoWhatYouLove.
9th YIC (Impact Edition) – October 2017 in Mumbai.
Click here to apply – http://youngindiachallenge.com/apply-now/
Limited Spots! Top 10% of the applicants will be selected and invited from across the country through an application process. #FollowYourPassion
Any student, recent graduate or young professional from any city can apply.  YIC is a Human Circle creation for young people to explore, discover and follow their passion with amazing students, entrepreneurs, social change makers, artists, authors and business people. This is the best place to be if you want to create a life by your choice and not what the world tells you. Check out the agenda, speakers, partners and all that happened during the first 8 YICs here – http://youngindiachallenge.com/
Any questions? Feel free to write to info@humancircle.in

5 Secrets to Happiness from a Dark Knight!

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
– Herman Cain

People spend their life chasing happiness and yet don’t realize that it lies in the simplest things and in moments they generally oversee. I have been fortunate to be tested with some interesting trials of life and I choose to be happy no matter what. Here are 5 things I have discovered so far…

  1. Jokers will always be there
    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.51.17 PM

Life is a paradox. There would be no hero or dark knight unless there was a joker because he would serve no purpose. Life is like a game of cards and the jokers are placed at random positions in the deck to make the game more interesting. It is inevitable so might as well enjoy their presence. Trust that all challenges in life are given for a very good reason and overcoming them with happiness leads to the ultimate joy.

  1. Do what you love and do it often
    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.52.49 PM

Ever heard of John Lennon? Yes, he is the guy who created one of the most epic songs- Imagine. Hear it asap, in case you still haven’t. When he was 5 years old, his teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said – happy. They told him, he didn’t understand the question and he replied – You don’t understand life. Doing what we love is the greatest skill we have, to achieve no matter. The challenge lies in being persistent and married with that inner voice because you know it is right. Do not make your life choices only based on what your teachers, parents, guru ji or neighbors tell you. Listen to your mind but follow your heart. It knows exactly what is good for you. Keep searching, don’t settle! The dark knight ‘loves’ beating the joker every time because it pushes him to play at his ultimate best.

  1. The Dark Knight rises every time
    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.53.01 PM

If you ever manage to speak to the dark knight in person, you might get an impression that he is a very stubborn guy and yet you like him. The truth is that he lives his life in a way that ‘not rising’ after a fall is equivalent to death. The more challenges he overcomes, the stronger his self-believe becomes and he loves it. He might not show it to you but he is always smiling from within when a joker strikes his grand plan. He says, ‘bring it on’! So it is very simple. If you want to accomplish great things, know that they will not come easy. The more you fail, the more you succeed. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived. Rise every time you fall and you will experience the strength of the dark knight within.

  1. Why so serious?
    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.54.28 PM

As far as we know so far, we have only one life. So let’s have fun along the way. Don’t take yourself too seriously no matter what you choose to do. Laugh at your failures but don’t forget to take the lesson or it will repeat again and again. Laugh at yourself when you make a fool of yourself. Show your vulnerability because no one can be or is expected to be a masterpiece worth putting in a museum. People like honesty without layers of makeup that the joker puts on his face. But remember to laugh like him no matter what life does to you. Be you, be real and have fun.

  1. Celebrate your success
    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.54.40 PM

Very often we get so busy being busy that we miss the simple moments in life. Spend time with people you love. Don’t take them for granted. Go on a random drive with them and eat whatever you want, wherever you want. Have real friends and not just facebook friends. They say we become the average of the five people we spend most of our time with. So choose your people wisely. Let your friends know how much they mean to you and build relationships based on honesty and love. There is no point reaching your goals and having no one to celebrate it with. The dark knight suggests you identify your most recent success and whatsapp your favorite five people for a chill-out.

If you wish to meet some dark knights and discover more secrets, apply now for Young India Challenge

Founder and Chief Happiness Officer
Human Circle

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer Human Circle

Founder & Chief Happiness Officer
Human Circle

Kamal is a life enthusiast and loves connecting enlightened minds. Having been in more than twenty countries, he loves sharing his stories about love, life and happiness.


Don’t define Diabetic desserts


Harsh Kedia, a 21 year old from Mumbai, is a passionate Diabetic Chef.  He was told at the age of 15 that he had diabetes. The doctors gave him a long list of things which he couldn’t eat. This meant no carbs, no sugar, no fats and no desserts. After getting irritated with people treating him as i he had a life threatening disease, he decided to take a step and change all this. He did his homework and started crafting delicious delicacies that were specially for diabetics and that gave birth to his Facebook page – ‘A diabetic Chef.’

With ‘A diabetic Chef’, Harsh aims help other diabetic who he knows would go through the same dilemma he went through. We got a chance to chat with him and he happily answered a few questions for us.

Here’s a snippet of our chat with Harsh.

Q1. When and how did you discover your passion for cooking and baking?

Ans. I fell in love with cooking since 3rd grade. Kitchen was my ‘play-ground’. Well my heart was broken when at the age of 15 doctors discovered that I had diabetes hence “do not eat this do not eat that” and so on. That is when I decided he had to change this. I took a list of things I could eat and based on that I did my homework and started crafting delicious delicacies that were specially for diabetics and that gave birth to my Facebook page – ‘A diabetic Chef.’

Q2. How difficult was it to convince your parents about your passion for cooking? How have they taken it?

Ans. Family initially didn’t get the idea of it and weren’t comfortable but now they’ve come to terms with it.

Q3. What is other people’s reaction to ‘A diabetic Chef’? How did you come up with the idea for this?

Ans. People reacted very variably. It wasn’t all that easy initially, insults, demeaning and hate messages all came in. But well who cares right? It didn’t exactly bring me down it just gave me motivation to work harder each day.

Diabetic Chef came up when I was 16 and was told I wasn’t allowed to eat sweets and food outside my house, I took my passion and setbacks as a push to start something against the idea that diabetics can’t do everything. This includes eating what they want!

The concept of a diabetic chef came up as an insult when I was baking brownies at home and a friend asked me you’re baking desserts who are you a diabetic chef?

Q4. How has your experience been, being associated with the DoWhatYouLove Movement?

Ans. Being associated with YIC has been a wonderful journey for me. I’ve met one of the most talented people I know, I have interacted with ever. I met Wioleta and Kamal who are fantastic poeple who motivate young entrepreneurs’ like me and help us grow. I’ve come to terms with myself greatly after YIC and well, I do what I love now. The sticker given to us by YIC of the #DoWhatYouLove is stuck on my laptop ever since. Keeps reminding me to go harder every day!

Q5. What inspires you to DoWhatYouLove?

Ans.  A lot of struggles actually. Body shaming, fat shaming, colour shaming, effeminate behavior shamed. NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT OUTSIDE! Not being able to talk to people. Getting pittied by these lame relatives has always and will always help me do what I love.

The push back has been the push through of this.

“Life is and always will be a beautiful struggle!”

(Interviewed by Nikhil Kamath)






The job you seek isn’t out there in some job description, it’s already inside you, aching to get out.
-John Tarnoff

It’s the time of the year when students are bombarded with questions! A 10th pass is asked about the field he wants to choose. Infact, he’s pestered with the myth of science being the best, commerce secondary and arts; the field for the lazy bums! Their talent remains unseen in front of their grades. A graduate is plagued with questions about employment, one with employment faces family and one with family about their future. And the cycle goes on!

People generally interchange the terms ‘Competition’ and ‘Comparison’. In the race of competing with a child’s colleague, parents start comparing their child’s calibre with a totally different child! Which is totally preposterous! There are parents who understand the freedom of choice and allow their children to make their own path. But, speaking about our country, India, majority of the population still needs to accept the raw truth that there are careers other than engineering, doctorate and few others to name!

To be honest, this is just a tip of an iceberg. There are thousands of stones to be turned around. This may sound too liturgical, but it is a fact; we have only one life, then why not live it happily instead of living a life full of regrets? There may be situations where you badly need to support your family, you wanna earn money apace, you cannot oppose your elders decision and many more, but, it depends on you what you wanna choose! Whatever it might be, if you regret, drop it, if you can’t, stop complaining about it!

I am one of the victim who couldn’t choose their career or maybe could not oppose anyone to do what I love and I did complain about it. A lot! But then, my choice was to do my best wherever I am, and I think I am pretty much doing that. And about my passion, I am doing that as well. What I believe is, if it is really your passion, you’ll do that, by hook or by crook.

It’s high time, people should accept the term called “Joice” otherwise known as a Juicy Choice. It is a choice in which no matter what you choose, the outcome will be juicy and enjoyable. This is the time, you really need to listen to everybody, but do what is good to your mind, soul and body!

The choice of your career may be a one day game, but if you don’t choose it wisely that’s enough to pull all your veins!

Contributed By: Justina Jose


Everyone says Do what you love. I say try something arduous. Fulfilling your dreams gives you pleasure, but doing that along with actualizing the dreams of the people who created you, brings you heaven on earth. Pursuing M.Sc. in Biotechnology (My parents dream) along with writing (My dream), and constantly trying to improve my skills, I wish to soar higher. I love learning new things. A great lover of sleep. Always chooses to travel through the road not taken and explore the unturned stones. Loves to dance. An amateur writer and blogger. An ambivert by nature, strongly believes in peace and happiness.

Frankenstein’s Monster


Hi, I’m a Frankenstein’s Monster.
Made by you, used by you
To ultimately destroy you and your habitat.
I was produced to fulfill one of your many needs,
But over the time,
So obsessively useful I became,
That soon I was all around the places.
In every nook and corner,
In every small little things.
Every day, Everywhere!


I’ve become the cancer in the throat of the drains,
In the belly of the mud,
In the veins of the water,
Refusing to be decomposed,
Adamant and stubborn,
Flying in the air.

Over the years, I’ve become
One of the strongest enemies of your Mother Earth,
And it will take a lifetime for her to wipe me out.
While I continue to choke,
Its saplings, its animals,
Its humans, its oceans and its breath.
Yes! I’m the plastic. I’m the plastic.


In this world expenses are new sky rockets,
I’m here the cheapest.
Survival is getting difficult,
I’m exchanged freely.
Do you have any idea of
what danger are you throwing yourselves into?

Coffee is drunk in plastic cups,
Food is eaten in plastic plates.
They are used and thrown freely.
Like offered to God, served to the poor,
And dumped in the Earth.

Stagnant I stand,
Suffocated I lie,
Rotten less and Compost free,
Breeding with a pace of tones per hour,
Choking the Earth breath by breath.
O wise humans, O wisest of them all
Have you really made a benefiting call?

Contributed By:

has recently finished her Masters of Arts in English Literature. Grown up reading and imagining stories, she believes that ideas and stories have massive potential to make a difference. An ardent follower of #DoWhatYouLove movement, she loves writing and meeting new people. An ardent lover of arts, culture and literature, she also enjoys dancing, travelling and exploring new arenas. She has interned with Human Circle as a Content Writer and has already prepared her bag with new opportunities. Currently she’s mastering self-discipline.




“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.”
-John Taylor Gatto

Education is basically meant to make an individual ready to live successfully in the corporate world. Technologies were made by humans with a thought to ease the lifestyle, but unfortunately it surpassed its creator, making them their slave. Today, humans are arrested under their creation and as the tradition follows, the pressure is always on the next generation.

A child is the ‘lab rat’ for his parents, his teachers and elder siblings (if any). The dreams that remain unfulfilled by the elders are forced onto the young one’s! The pressure they are imposed to, kill their unique creative minds. Right from the age of three they are taught to stand straight, learn alphabets, stop dreaming and focus on printed books. By giving them pen in 5th, they are taught not to make mistakes. The 8 am to 2 pm schooling becomes a part of their life. They are taught but not educated.

A fear is choked into them to score the highest to get admitted to the top most colleges. When they fail to do so, they give up on life or worse, give up on living happily! Competitions are meant to be healthy, but now they have become a business. The best evidence for this is the cut off system of Delhi University, as known to everybody that is 97 %. Everyone is uniquely talented: a thing every human has forgotten I suppose. DU is just one example of this educational disaster. There are thousands unnoticed.


If we really want to emphasize on equality, this system has to be changed. If we really want to bring out the best in students, give them equal rights! Maybe, a bright student couldn’t make up well in his boards, his dream might be to study from such university! But he’s rejected just because he could not reach the cut off! That’s unfair!

I, being an average student, never dreamt of such high institutions. But I do know people who get depressed as they couldn’t study in the college they wished for and so opted for another course or another college knowing they have to live a life full of adjustments! Hence, taking out the “free will” from their life!

Almost every foreign country has a system of considering their public at first position whatever comes. I do appreciate that. Similarly, if DU gives some allotted seats to the students from delhi would be no wrong. But the rest of the seats should be given to the deserving! I vote for the common entrance test system which gives equal opportunity for everyone.

Even if DU takes a public vote on their cut-off system, I am pretty much sure they’re going to get disappointed. Consider it as a request or an apprehension, kindly change such system. Give life to our education system and I assure we’ll get more number of Einstein’s and Obama’s!

Just give some time and think- Do we want to preserve the age old system of Cut – Offs or do we really want to give a chance to the students who actually deserve?



Contributed By: Justina Jose


Everyone says Do what you love. I say try something arduous. Fulfilling your dreams gives you pleasure, but doing that along with actualizing the dreams of the people who created you, brings you heaven on earth. Pursuing M.Sc. in Biotechnology (My parents dream) along with writing (My dream), and constantly trying to improve my skills, I wish to soar higher. I love learning new things. A great lover of sleep. Always chooses to travel through the road not taken and explore the unturned stones. Loves to dance. An amateur writer and blogger. An ambivert by nature, strongly believes in peace and happiness.


The Journey of #DoWhatYouLove by Wioleta Burdzy Seth

Banana dance.jpg

Wioleta is an entrepreneur, trainer and life coach from Poland. She is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Human Circle. She delivers personal growth, leadership and skill development workshops and coaching to a diverse set of audience. Previously she was a specialist in human resource areas like training, recruitment and learning and development. She has worked in several multi-national companies like Statoil

Wioleta considers herself as a life long learner and explorer. She loves travelling and has been to more than 25 countries. After studying and working in  several countries like Greece, Poland, Belgium, Great Britain and India, she is currently based in India and pursuing her mission to create an impact on the young generation. She is passionate about raising the self-awareness of individuals to follow their passion.

Here’s a snippet where Wioleta happily answered some of the questions we asked her.

Q1. What was the idea and motivation that drove you to shift from Poland to India?
Ans. I did not come to India directly from Poland, it was a journey. I was looking for a more meaningful lifestyle. 9-5 job, companies targets, pay cheques each month were not giving me this kind of satisfaction.  It was clear for me that if I want to get different results I need to do things in a different way.  One day I made a decision “I am ready to explore other options” and I moved to Greece.  From one decision to another, from one project to another, life brought me currently to India.

Q2. For many people there are certain moments when they decide that they want to do a particular thing in their lives. People don’t usually think of creating an impact on the young generation. When was it that you decided to pursue the mission to create an impact on the young generation?
Ans. When I started questioning the worth of my life, the reason I am here and what legacy I would like to leave behind, I came to realize that there are so many things I am passionate about. One of the things is that, I would love to see more fulfilled and happy people around me. For it to happen, I need to contribute with my own work. Therefore, I started with young people who have most of their life ahead, and important decisions to be made. I wish they make the best decisions based on their best knowledge and self awareness.


Q3. In what way do you think #DoWhatYouLove Movement helps to bring a change in someone’s life?
Ans. The strength of the movement lies within the people of a community. Our life choices are determined in a big way by the circumstances, and circumstances are made by people who are involved in them. If you decide to spend more time with the right kind of people that would create favourable circumstances and more opportunities, inspirations.

Eg. If you spend most of your time with people who only complain, who are scared to fail, worry about other people’s opinions – such people will always find a way to pull you down, to prove you that you won’t make it big. They are able to teach you only what they know – how to complain and be mediocre and vulnerable to others opinions.

The #DoWhatYouLove Movement:

  • Helps to connect with like minded people who want more from life, who want to create something bigger than themselves. Support and motivating system.
  • Helps to connect with people who “have been there, have done that” so that they could be a relevant source of guidance and advice.
  • Helps to ask better, bigger questions about our life and purpose
  • Helps to shift focus from “What should I do” to “What do I choose to do”


Q4.  How has your experience been being associated with the #DoWhatYouLove Movement?
Ans. In India I am mainly surrounded by young people and entrepreneurs.

  • Joy of being connected with so many fabulous people who are driven by their passion. Grow together as we get more experience and explore new possibilities. Spreading seeds of curiosity and striving for excellence. Seeing others reaching heights motivates me to work more.
  • I have also realized that DWYL is not for everyone. There are people who value stability, predictability, and that is all perfectly fine for them. Everyone has his/her own journey and free will to decide what is the best for his/her.

Q5. What inspires you to be a part of #DoWhatYouLove?
Ans. People. It makes me extremely happy and grateful to see how the movement is growing. So many people want to create impact and are willing to support one another to get closer to their mission.


World Youth Skills Day: What Are The Skills That You Would Love To Develop?

World Youth Skills Day_

In India, studies have shown that more than 50% of the Indian graduates lack basic employability skills. This means that out of the 5 million + students who graduate every year, very few are fit to be employed. If we look at the condition at a world level, a recent International Labour Organisation (ILO) publication states that 73.4 million young people were estimated to be unemployed in 2015, which is 13.1% youth unemployment rate. This figure is expected to increase in most regions of the world in by the end of 2017.

It has been observed that young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to low quality jobs, insecure school-to-work transitions and labour market inequalities. Women are more likely to be under-paid and underemployed, and to undertake part-time jobs under temporary contracts.

Education and training are the key determinants of success in the labour market. But unfortunately, existing systems have failed to address the learning need of many young people and surveys of learning outcomes and skills show that a large number of youth have low levels of achievement in basic literacy and numeracy.  In India, this problem is caused due to various reasons, some of which are:

  • Shortage of good institutions providing quality higher education.
  • Lack of flexibility, recognition of prior learning and employer linkages.
  • Lack of English knowledge and cognitive skills in students.

Another reason for youth unemployment is structural unemployment, a mismatch between the skills that workers in the economy can offer and the skills demanded of workers by employers. Structural unemployment affects all regions around the world and it impacts not only economies but also hampers the transition to equitable and inclusive societies.

Skills and jobs for youth feature prominently in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and SDG target 4.4 calls for a substantial increase in the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills. In order to raise awareness about the importance of youth developing skills, United Nations observes World Youth Skills Day on 15th July every year. It supports the view that everyone should have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. Through skills individuals, communities, and countries can create a more prosperous future.

Let us know in the comments below, what are the skills that you still want to develop.




Defining Doing What One Loves


I go out to mentor some juniors from school and college, so when I tell them that I do this because I love doing this. What generally one tends to assume is that ‘Doing What One Loves’ is merely merrymaking with a silver lining to it and one has to be too cool to do that. But as I have tried, failed, struggled and won at various fights for it, I can very well tell you that, ‘Doing What I Love’ is about fighting for what you are passionate the most about. Constantly grind and struggle, endure pain, get tired, face failure, fall down, get hurt but don’t stop, don’t stop until you reach where you desire to be.

In simple terms what normally one thinks of doing what one loves is to sit in a comfortable couch, sipping hot chocolate and reading harry potter at peace, which to their disappointment is not even 0.0000001% of the real deal.

So let’s break it down in a systematic way, how I pursue what I love:

  • A good effort has to be applied in sorting what is that one thing we are very passionate about.
  • Prepare a vision that inspires us to achieve all our targets and fulfil our dreams. The fundamental rule of having a vision is that it has to be totally unachievable.
  • The vision should always appear to be achievable at all times but still should not be achieved at any cost. That way it keeps one inspired and motivated to keep on going.
  • Then next, we have to fixate on one goal which has to be characterised to be specific and focussed, measurable and quantifiable as per various pre-determined parameters, achievable and target/milestone based, relevant and vision centric and most importantly it has to be divided on scale of time.
  • The scalability has to be evaluated per milestone per pre-decided unit of time and regular validation has to be practiced.

Though all of this may sound too bookish or technical, it is very important to look at one’s passion systematically and technically so that it no longer remains a mere interest or hobby. Once we take it seriously, we realise that one has to undergo a whole revolution in order to be able to pursue what one loves and make a living out of it.


Contributed by:

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Mahadevan B Iyer

Mahadevan loves to try everything to satiate his ever – curious mind..!! He is deeply inflicted by CHANDLER BING. He questions everything and loves to talk. He is completely straight forward and is a traveller, author, poet, researcher, entrepreneur, event manager, teacher, learner, story teller, entertainer, chef & food lover, blogger and a few more things and is looking for his calling. A masters in engineering student by day, a lazy lame dreamer by night and crazy during the weekend, he lives by the thought of making the most of every single second of life.