Preunion Meet-up! YIC 2017 #DoWhatYouLove


An effort was recently made on February 11, 2017 to interact with the delegates of the upcoming YIC, which was innovatively known as ‘Preunion’. The motive behind the Preunion was basically to convey the idea and agenda of YIC, to meet and interact with the new members, and to build a momentum of excitement with just few days left for the big day. The YIC Preunion Delhi 2017 at Awfis (a coworking space), started with Happiness Team members – Sadnyesh and Tushar, having a light-hearted interaction with the newbie members, which was then followed by some quirky ice-breaking games.

4Once the ice was broken, and the members were at ease and talked with grease, the Creator of YIC, Mr. Kamal Seth, along with the his lady luck, and Co-creator, Wioleta Burdzy Seth, took his audience to the journey of formation of YIC. While listing out his ideas and reasons of starting Human Circle and Young India Challenge, he stressed on the need and importance of #DoWhatYouLove movement in our society, and its direct relation with success and happiness. He also gave a brief idea about the agenda of the two days at the upcoming impact edition of the 8th YIC, and how previous YICs have a positive change in so many individuals. 1

The last segment of the Preunion saw short and crisp interviews with the members, asking them about their reasons for applying for the next YIC, how was their experience at this first interaction with the YIC family, and how excited they are to come for the much anticipated event. Giving a smiling and positive response to all the questions, everyone moved to the networking and photo sessions, trying to get the perfect ‘dabbing’ pose. Everyone there had their own different stories, but all shared one common wish. And that was if anyone asked them in the future whether they do what they love, they could be able to scream at the top of their voices saying, “Hell Yeah!”

http://www.youngindiachallenge.com #DoWhatYouLove



Why AIESEC in Delhi IIT is fully Sponsoring the Winners of YIC 2017?


Youth led organisations are needed to empower the efforts and missions of platforms like Young India Challenge. Having said that, what could be better than AIESEC DI, which is a leading local committee of the world’s largest youth-run organisation? Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC believes in making strong, young leaders, in order to make a radical change in the society. It offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership roles and participate in a global learning environment.

A key player in the success of AIESEC in India, AIESEC DI has shared a harmonious relation with Young India Challenge over the years. At Every YIC, there are some delegates and mentors who have been the members of AIESEC, and extend their experience and support to YIC. Thus, AIESEC recognises the movement of #DoWhatYouLove and youth empowerment and believes in encouraging it. The values that AIESEC shares with its fellow members to carry throughout their lives in making more responsible decisions that will positively impact the world are also acknowledged by YIC. They are as follows:

  • Striving for Excellence
  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Activating Leadership
  • Acting Sustainably
  • Enjoying Participation
  • Living Diversity


This common aim to empower young leaders and shared values for the future gives AIESEC DI a worthy reason to sponsor the winners of YIC. All winning team members will be offered a full scholarship for the ‘Global Volunteer Exchange Program’ and all the participants will be given a partial scholarship. The top talented youth will have an international teamwork experience, to engage with the largest student network in the world, and become prospective responsible leaders of tomorrow. AIESEC DI extends its full support to this initiative by Human Circle, and hopes to make a positive impact through this collaboration, on the society. You can find more about AIESEC on www.aiesec.in. Also apply for the limited spots at the upcoming Young India Challenge at: www.youngindiachallenge.com #DoWhatYouLove #BeAGlobalCitizen






Why Human Circle is collaborating with Enactus, SRCC?


Human Circle, which is on a mission to spread the #DoWhatYouLove Movement has collaborated with Enactus, SRCC. The objective of both the organisations is to transform lives of people in need and shape a better world, using the power of entrepreneurial thinking and action. Enactus, as many of us know, is an international non-profit organization of students present in over 1600 universities spread across 39 Countries and has over 67,000 students as active members. Guided by academic advisors and business experts, the student leaders of Enactus create and implement community empowerment projects through the positive power of business.

Following this mission, Sri Ram College of Commerce incepted Enactus in 2007. Till date, it has taken up 12 community outreach projects, of which 10 have been completed and 2 are in progress. The two running projects are Project Sattva and Project Asbah.


The idea behind Human Circle’s collaboration with Enactus, is to provide opportunity for Enactus members and other like-minded young people to apply for the upcoming YIC at IITD on 4th-5th March, 2017, and explore new chances and work opportunities to take their community development works forward. That said, the delegates of YIC will also get to know Enactus and its commendable work in the youth society, and get a chance to join hands to contribute for the same.

With the growing significance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we look forward to such collaborations, which are not only life transforming experiences, but which also, help students to develop the kind of talent and perspective that are essential for leadership development in an ever-more complicated and challenging world. Find more about Enactus, SRCC on http://enactussrcc.org/. You can apply here for the upcoming Young India Challenge www.youngindiachallenge.com #DoWhatYouLove




The selection and of course the *Telephonic Interview*


The future of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – A focus on creating Development Management Professionals


In 2015, spearheaded by United Nations, 194 countries adopted a set of seventeen goals to end povertyprotect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Officially titled as ‘Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’, it demands a boost in the development sector of every nation to meet the set ‘Global Goals’ with 169 targets between them.

In the ecologically imbalanced and impoverished world, an agenda like this is an urgent need of the world that needs appropriate and collective efforts. Such a massive development agenda requires everyone to do their part: governments, the private sector, civil society and people like us. In such a context, Human Circle has extended full support to Indian School of Development Management (ISDM), a pioneering institution established to develop the discipline of Development Management that aims to facilitate the creation of a cadre of professional leaders and managers for the development sector. ISDM is a partner for the 8th Young India Challenge (YIC) at IIT Delhi on 4-5 March 2017. The focus of YIC is to engage and empower young people to find innovative and sustainable solutions for the UN SDGs.


This post is for everyone out there who envisions making significant difference to the impact, scale and sustainability of organisations working for the betterment of society and especially improving the quality of life of the underserved. Development Work and Development Management requires a fundamentally different outlook and approach from the Corporate or Business world because the basic aspirations and objectives are significantly different.

ISDM will produce the next generation of CEOs, leaders for the social development sector through grounded education and professional development offerings. It aim to be a world class educational institution that builds an entire ecosystem for Development Management. ISDM is now accepting applications for its 1 Year Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership. They also curate Professional Development Programmes for working professionals and ensure placements with leading organisations.

Apply before 19th February, 2017, and you can even get a chance to earn 100% scholarship. Check out: http://www.isdm.org.in. The future lies in your hands! Do it for yourself. Do it to create a better, balanced and more sustainable world. #DoWhatYouLove




From learning to write the first alphabets,

To learning H2SO4, kinetics and sets;

From being restless, naughty and reckless,

To sit still, poise and studying sleepless;

I started my journey to be educated.


The competition was set.

It was decided that we could all get,

An iphone, X-box or even lip balm!

If only we could top the exam.


The questions were learnt, the answers were crammed,

Anyone who tried the other way was altogether damned.

The information was stored, revised and processed,

Our skill of reproducing the same now was accessed.


The results were out, the streams were decided,

I resented the X-Box girl, who nearby resided.

I challenged her in my hearts of heart,

I’ll show you my successful education’s part.


And so I continued my journey.

In the hope of making success and money,

And battling cut-offs, and system of Reservation,

I wondered what to earn in the name of education?


Then I read in a book that night,

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

It expands your mental horizons and liberates you,

It turns windows from mirrors to see the world view.


Education is not only in degrees and paper,

But it’s like Adventure Books and roses bunched in a wrapper.

If you can learn anew and change, your education is a success;

If not, you better try ‘Ignorance is bliss’.


I wondered then again,

Our education system should use some brain.

It drives an aimless herd of youth,

Far from life, far from truth.


So I started a chain of change.

With colorful hopes- red and orange,

To ensure that people are on the right expedition,

And not wonder at a crossroad: what is education?


Wait till this journey is complete,

The roots were bitter, the fruit will be sweet.

You’ll realize that education wasn’t just a preparation for life,

But it was the life itself; full of passion, full of strife.


So, are you EDUCATED?



Being a Global Indian!


Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace. Many of us are aware about the confusion and rumours surrounding the US these days, especially related to studying and working there. This post is for those who want to explore higher studies opportunities in the US and want to know more about the financial support and application process. Sign up here.

Human Circle has extended its support to some US universities, which are coming to India to clarify doubts and answer queries related to higher studies. The first education fair is tomorrow in Delhi (Shangri-la Hotel, Janpath, near CP) and then in Jaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore. Entry is free. The Founder of Human Circle (Mr. Kamal Seth) will be a part of a panel with admission directors and university representatives to talk about ‘Being a Global Indian’. You can register online here or simply walk in and register at the hotel.

In India, there is a shortage of progressiveness in the education space and this has become a roadblock for Indian students to become global citizens. The loopholes (and even potholes!) in the work and education structure in India cannot be neglected. Therefore it becomes a dire necessity to merge the western progressive culture in education, with Indian values and empower more and more people to become ‘Global Indians’.


Being a Global Indian is important today because he/she analyses a plethora of experiences in India as well as abroad, and then could bring his/her third person’s perspective to the plaguing problems of today’s India. The influx of attitudes is what will help a new and better India emerge. At Human Circle, we recognize this need and the difficulty of aspiring students to look for the right colleges and institutions abroad. Linden Educational Services caters to the needs of future Global Indians. They have a rich experience of 37+ years in providing educational management services, dedicated to helping students from all over the world to discover the numerous educational opportunities available in the United States.

Through a series of carefully planned events such as college fairs and presentations on U.S. Education, Linden connects students with representatives from accredited US institutions so that they can explore possibilities and pursue their goals in higher education. They are gearing up for their Spring Fairs in India. Meet them in Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore between Feb 12 and Feb 19, 2017. Entry is free. Register here to book your seat: http://bit.do/studyusa #DoWhatYouLove  #GlobalIndian